Item Shops


Hello everyone! Jacob Snow here, with something for Players who want a little more out of their Characters.

To earn the Gold you will spend here, complete Bounties as found at the bottom of the How To Play Page, complete Quests, or just Vanquish Monsters. Once you have enough Gold for the desired Item, purchase it. Its Bonus replaces your Class’s default Bonus (either Attack or Defense) and its Ability replaces your Class’s current Ability. To get back to how you were, simply return the Item and change your Bonuses and Ability back to how they were.

For balancing reasons, you can only have 1 Item. You can EITHER have the Claymore OR the Iron Shield, you cannot have more than 1 Item at any time.

Check back periodically for new weapons, armors, and maybe even some seasonal gear!

God Bless you!


(Items for: Fighter, Warrior, Praetorian, Knight, Berserker, Soldier, Samurai)

Item Name Item Bonus Item Ability Cost
Claymore +7A Sweep: When you Attack, you attack each Square in front of you (Directly in front, diagonal left, diagonal right) 500G
Gae Bolg (Mythic Weapon) +7A Deal 7 Damage to a Foe. Usable Twice per Battle. 2,500G
Musket +7A, R4 2 Damage per Hit. 800G
Battleaxe +6A If you Hit a Foe, they lose their next Turn. 1,200G
Gladius Short Sword +7A If a Foe Lands next to you, you get 1 Free Action to Attack them. 5,000G
The Omnivore

(Mythic Chaingun)

+10A, -3D, R5 If you Hit a Foe, +1 Free Action for Attacking. 6,000G
Iron Shield +6D Ignore the first 3 Damage you would take in a Battle. 800G
Imperial Armor +6D Ignore a Ranged Attack. Usable 4 Times per Battle. 1,200$
Plate Armor +7D Keep your Current Ability. 2,000G
Draconic Armor (Mythic Armor) +7D You may move 4 or less Squares per Action. 3,000G


(Items for: Priest, Crusader)

Item Name Item Bonus Item Ability Item Cost
Silvered Longsword +6A Keep your current Ability. 500G
Cross of Sacred Light +6A, 6R Successfully Hit Allies to Heal them +1 HP 1,200G
Warhammer of Saint Gareth (Mythic Weapon) +8A Deal 2 Damage to all Characters Adjacent to you. Usable Twice per Battle. 4,000G

(Mythic Claymore)

+7A, R2 If you Hit a Foe, they lose their Defense Bonus for the next Adventurer Turn. 7,000G
Blessed Spear +6A AutoVanquish non-Boss Undying Horde Foes when you Hit them. 4,000G
Arkenfeather Robe (Mythic Armor) +5D You Ignore Ranged Attacks. 5,000G
Paladin’s Armor +7D +2 HP 500G
Robe of the Cleric +4D Heal an Ally +8 HP. May go above Full HP. Usable 4 Times per Battle. 2,500G
Raiment of the Order of the Sky. +6D Move anywhere. X5 Uses. 3,000G


(Items for: Rook, Archer, Bard, Hunter, Ninja)

Item Name Item Bonus Item Ability Item Cost
Lots and Lots of Daggers +8A If you successfully Defend against an Attack, deal 1 Damage to the Foe that Attacked you. 3,000G (each dagger costs 100G: you’ll get about 30 in the pack )
Foeslayer Short Sword. +6A AutoVanquish a Foe with 4 or less HP. X1 Use. 500G
Saber +6A If you Fail an Attack, you may Roll your dice again. Limit One Re-Roll per failed Attack. 1,000G
Twinshot Rifle +7A, Range 9 You may only Attack twice per Round. 7,000G (4,500G for the Rifle, 2,500G for the Ammunition.)
Vashti’s Hypnotic Flute (Mythic Weapon) +6A, R6 If you Hit a Foe, Reduce them to 1 HP and take control of them. Usable 4 Times per Battle. 4,000G

(Mythic Dagger)

+6A Hit Foes lose their Ability. 7,000G
Rookfeather Cloak (Mythic Armor) +6D You are Immune to Monster Abilities. 5,000G
Full Leather Suit +7D Keep your Current Ability. 1,200G
Assassin’s Garb +6D +3A to your currently existing Bonus. 2,000G
Pirate’s Gear +5D Make a R3 Attack that, if it Hits, deals 4 Damage to the Foe. Attemptable 3 Times per Battle. 1,500G


(Items for: Sorcerer, Witch, Alchemist, Warmage, Spellsword)

Item Name Item Bonus Item Ability Item Cost
Staff of Inferno +6A, R5 Deal 2 Damage to a Foe: he takes 1 Damage at the start of his Turn until he is Vanquished. Usable Once per Battle. 1,200G
Wand of Lightning +6A, R6 Hit Foes are knocked back 1 Square. 2,000G
??? ??? ??? ???
Ashari’s Whip

(Mythic Weapon)

+7A, R5 Bring a Foe Adjacent to you. +2 Free Actions for Attacking. X3 Uses. 4,000G
Battlewand +7A Deal 1 Damage to a Foe and each Adjacent Foe. X2 Uses. 2,000G
Battlemage’s Armor +6D Keep your Current Ability. 500G
Rune-Embroidered Robe +5D Ignore 1-5 Damage. Usable 3 Times per Battle. 1,000G
Honor Raiment of House Willowleaf (Mythic Armor) +4D +3 to your current Attack Bonus. All Allies with Abilities with Uses have +2 Uses. 4,000G
Ring of Immunity Keep your Current Bonuses. Ignore all Foe Abilities. 5,000G

NEW!!! Elite Items!

Elite Items have no Class Requirement: Anyone with enough Gold can purchase an Elite Item and use it. You will have to play quite a bit to get the Gold you need.

Item Name Item Bonus Item Ability Item Cost
Phoenixheart: Blade of the Roaring Inferno +7A/ Use 1 Action to deal 1 Damage to a Foe. Range 5. 15,000G
Stormdragon: Axe of Rolling Thunder +10A/-3D Every time you take 1 Damage, you get +1 Damage per Hit. 20,000G
Starstreak: Bow of the Heavens +*A/, R6 You AutoHit. 25,000G
Annihilation: Blade of the Screaming Abyss


+6A/ Successful Hits on Minions AutoVanquish them. 40,000G
Bulwark: Shield of Unbreakable Defense +/9D You may only move 2 Squares per Round. 50,000G
Solitude: Armor of Desolation +/7D No Foe can land Adjacent to you. 90,000G

*NEW*: The Seventh Sorrow: Revolver of Destruction

+7A/, Range 7

Ability: every 7th Attack deals 7 Damage. (On your 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, and so forth).

COST: 25,000G


Here the Event Coordinator purchases Items, NPCs, Traps, Monster Enhancement, or whatever else comes out! Items change the Legends of Albadyn Experience for the Players: Trunks, Quest Points, Healing Fountains, you name it. Traps are Traps you place somewhere in the room, and Monster Enhancers are 1 time purchases you apply to Monsters in Battle. For instance, if you purchase a Enhanced Weapon for your Highwayman, that particular highwayman has +1 to his Attack Roll.

To earn Shadow Gold, do one of the following:

Vanquish a Normal Adventurer: 200 Shadow Gold

Vanquish a Legendary Adventurer: 400 Shadow Gold

Vanquish a Mythic Adventurer: 600 Gold

Lose a Skirmish: 100 Shadow Gold (this means the Mode was beaten by the Adventurers.)

Lose a Raid: 300 Shadow Gold

Lose an Excursion: 2,000 Shadow Gold

Lose a Siege: 2,000 Shadow Gold

Item Name Item Effect Item Type Item Cost
GOLD Trunk Load up this Trunk with Gold. Item 200 Shadow Gold
Trapped Trunk Nothing in this but DEATH! Deal 2 Damage to the fool that opens it. Item 350 Shadow Gold
Locked Trunk Stuff inside, but you have to use 3 Actions to Roll to see if you unlock it. They’ll need a 5 or better. Item 300 Shadow Gold
Healing Glyph Any Character (even Monsters) that steps on a Square with a Healing Glyph gets +2 HP. Can’t exceed Max, though. X4 Uses. Item 400 Shadow Gold
Conspicuously Placed Spike Pit If a Character gets Hit next to a Spike Pit, they lose 3 HP. X1 Use. Trap 450 Shadow Gold
Exploding Barrel Any Attack to an Exploding Barrel deals 2 Damage to everything Adjacent to it. X1 Use.


Trap 300 Shadow Gold
Monster Spawn Trunk This little Trunk has a Grem inside it, regardless of the Faction of the Monsters. Trap 400 Shadow Gold
Item Trunk This Trunk has an Item in it for whoever opens it. Pick the Item first, then put the trunk in. Item 750 Shadow Gold
Mount Put a Horse under a Monster. The Horse gives +2 Movement per Action and +2 to Attack. Enhancer 500 Shadow Gold
Armor Give a Monster +1D. Limit 1 per Monster Enhancer 250 Shadow Gold
Better Weapon Give a Monster +1A. Limit 1 per Monster. Enhancer 250 Shadow Gold
Civilian Give the Adventurers a 3 HP +0/5 Civilian to protect. Fail State for Failing! It runs anywhere Monsters aren’t. 200 Gold Apiece for keeping them alive in a Room! NPC 100 Shadow Gold
Guard A 2 HP, +6A/6D assistant for the Adventurers. 200 Shadow Gold rebate for Vanquishing this guy. NPC 100 Shadow Gold.
Surprise Boss Bring a Boss into Battle. Just to be a jerk. Trap 1,000 Shadow Gold
Extra Dice Purchase the right to use an additional Dice when rolling for Monster HP. Mean, ain’t it?


Item 500 Shadow Gold
Checkpoint Buy this and put it in a Room right before something challenging happens. This allows the Adventurers to return there, instead of just failing. Returning is optional. Item 500 Shadow Gold
Quest Point Purchase a Quest Point to give your Players for completing a Battle. Only usable on Raids, Excursions, or Sieges. Item 500 Shadow Gold.