Character Creation

Legends of Albadyn is built around compressing the RPG and Tabletop Board gaming experience into an easy, deep, and fun game that removes many of the headaches of the genre, such as weight tracking, movement speeds, or a three-hundred page rulebook.

The first step to embark on is Character Creation. Designing a Character is as easy as one-two-three, literally! Once you are done with these first three steps, head on over to the Skills tab and choose a Skill!



There are many Races in Albadyn, many of which have not yet come out into the light of History… Select one of the following Races for your Character.


Humans are natives of Inyan, the southern half of Albadyn. Their Arken Guide is Irini, Arkeness of Mercy and Wisdom. Humans are strong, bold, and proud, always full of fortitude even in the direst of places. Humans get along famously with Elves and Dwarves, as they fought beside one another in the Four Day War. The Four Day War was exceptionally punishing for the people of Inyan, and much of the older generation was removed. Inyan is still recovering, but under the rule of Queen Astenra they have formed many new alliances. However, quite a few of them are tenuous…

Human HP: 6


Golden Elf

Golden Elves are the natives of Gaela’s Lands, the massive forest in the west of Albadyn. Their Arken Guide is Gaela, Arkeness of Wildness and Nature. Golden Elves are not as capable at enduring harsh conditions as other races of Albadyn, however, they make up for this in other ways. In spite of this, Golden Elves can learn the arts of war alongside the toughest races. The Golden Elves do not count many among their friends, but Humans are some of their closest allies. The Golden Elves took some damage in the Four Day War. However, as it occurred entirely in Inyan, they did not take damage to their economy or their civilians. The houses of the Golden Elves wield great power, with House Malloren holding the most; but they all answer to Queen Elwyn, the youngest Queen in the History of the Golden Elves.

Golden Elf HP: 4



The Dwarves live in Rhasys, a land in the north of Albadyn. Their Arken Guide is Doravan, Arken of Steam and Metal. Dwarves have been known to spend their entire lives underground, and as such much of their culture is buried deep with their treasuries and their kingdom. Even their ruler is unknown to all but a chosen few!

Dwarves have suffered much, as they are the only land separating Ghar, the land of the Orcs, from Inyan and Donyavar. As Orcs and Humans often disagree, Dwarves find themselves caught in the crossfire. Dwarves are still friends with Humans, though, and they have provided much aid to them in their times of trial. While the Dwarves sent Legends to the Great Tournament, they lost the least out of any Race present when the Four Day War began. Civilian wise, however, they lost a great many people, and in the ensuing war they embarked on against the Orcs more soldiers were lost.

Dwarf HP: 7



Goblins live wherever they can, usually setting up small encampments on the outskirts of a smaller village. During the Four Day War, many Goblins deserted the Ashen Legion’s forces, scattering across Inyan and starting new lives.

While the exact Arken that guides the Goblins is unknown, many Clerics believe that it would be Bhakrash, the Arken of Hunting and Ferocity that guides the Orcs.

Goblins are an agreeable Race, even if they are easily swayed by others, leading them to make decisions that they normally would not. This was largely the fault of the Orcs, who often take advantage of the Goblins in their building projects and acts of War. This has led to the belief that Goblins serve the Orcs, which makes the Goblins quite angry. In recent generations, there has been acute dislike between the Orc and Goblin races.

Goblin HP: 5


Dark Elf

Hailing from the tropical isles of the Donyan Archipelago, the Dark Elves have had a close alliance with Humans in Inyan and Donyavar since the First Great Council. Dark Elves do not suffer from the same physical limitations as their Golden Elf counterparts. While they are not as frail as their Golden Elf relatives, they have a much greater disdain for physical combat.

Finding a Dark Elf willing to engage in physical combat with a foe is difficult: not impossible, but still difficult. Dark Elves excel as archers, sorcerers/sorceresses, and Priests.

While the Donyan Dark Elves are sophisticated and elegant (which often rubs off on any Human they encounter), their counterparts from the Island of Krishara are much less couth. Political differences between Dark Elves just after the First Great Council led to them splitting, roughly one half went to the southeast, leaving the desert island of Krishara to their less civilized relatives.

The Donyan Dark Elves value civilization, manners, and culture. Krisharan Dark Elves value money, power, and more money. The difference is apparent between the two: there is nothing a Krisharan Dark Elf will not do for enough money.

Dark Elf HP: 5



Ferocity. Pride. Power. All three are words that properly describe the Orcs of Ghar, the land above the Dwarven homeland of Rhasys.

Orcs have a less than positive history: ever since their Creation, their Arken guide, Bhakrash, taught them the bare essentials of life: how to find food, how to tame animals, and above all, how to fight. Bhakrash and the Orcs were the best prepared for the First War physically, though their ideology was horrendously corrupted.

Since then, the Orcs have been highly involved in every war to come to Albadyn. Orcs are the second strongest race in Albadyn, capable of enduring immense amounts of punishment while dealing it out in equal measure.

Orcs have skin that ranges from light brown to dark umber, oranges yellows browns and the occasional greens. Contrary to popular depictions in Albadinian art, Orcs do not, as a matter of fact, have tusks. Most orcs have slightly pointed teeth, but not massive boar-esque tusks that almost every picture gives them.

Orc men are big and muscular, and Orc women are big and muscular as well. However, it is important to note that, while Orc women are big and muscular, they are still very feminine.

Orcs do not very often leave Ghar, due largely to the fact that no one really likes them. Their (not entirely undeserved) reputation for being violent makes them have a difficult time cultivating friendships with other races, especially ones that have fought them in the past.

Orc HP: 8



The tall, proud inhabitants of the northernmost tip of Albadyn, the Vahalyr are an unforgiving folk. Comfortable in freezing temperatures, they are as hardy as the Orcs, a comparison they would not enjoy.

The Vahalyr are a tribal people: each tribe having a Chief, and each Chief answering to the Head Chief. The Vahalyr are fiercely independent, valuing personal freedom so much that they would rather perish than lose it. The Vahalyr are a strong people, given to fighting with weapons that are very large, and using them very well. The Vahalyr are best suited for front-line combat. They know it, and love it.

Vahalyr Hit Points: 8



As old and strong as the mountains, the Gigantes of the Province of Ghrurath are twelve-foot-tall masters of the sword. Beautiful of face and stronger than any other Race, the Gigantes are beings of living stone, with hair made of precious metal. However, the Gigantes are few in number, so while they are mighty, they must be preserved.

(Special Rule: Limit One Gigantes per Adventuring Party)

Gigantes HP: 10


The Amaresu

The Amaresu are a proud and wise people with a very hierarchical society. Their belief is that every person has a place in life, and the lower place you have, the less respect you deserve. The Samurai and the Ninja rule here, with Monks being wisely excluded from the hierarchy. Above them, however, sits the Emperor, who determines if you can indeed change your place, or if it is a fate you must consign yourself to.

The Amaresu have light brown skin, black hair, and slightly almond shaped eyes.

Amaresu HP: 4


Once you have chosen your Race, you may move on to step two, which is…



With race out of the way, you may now choose which Class you are. Any Race can do anything, so there are no limits on what you can choose.


Fighters find their Origin in Inyan, where people that did not want to invest a lifetime in becoming Knights learned to fight their own way. Sure, they are not quite as strong or well-disciplined as the Knights, but they are still valued by their companions. Fighters are staples of any Adventuring Party, often being the leaders or the main offensive force in their party.

Normal Fighter: +6A/6D, Ignore 1-5 Damage. Usable Twice per Battle.

Legendary Fighter: +6A/6D, Ignore 1-8 Damage. Usable Three Times per Battle.

Mythic Fighter: +6A/7D, Ignore any amount of Damage and/or an Effect of an Ability. Usable Four Times per Battle.


Archers are the typical ranged support of any force, whether a king’s army or a farmer’s family. Archery (supposedly) originated in Gaela’s lands, where she taught it to the Golden Elves, but the Orcs try to take credit for it, claiming Bhakrash taught them. Regardless, it is difficult to find a place where Archers do not exist.

Normal Archer: +7A/4D, Range 5, May shoot through 1 Occupied Square.

Legendary Archer: +7A/4D, Range 6, May shoot through 2 Occupied Squares.

Mythic Archer: +7A/5D, Range 7, May shoot through any number of Occupied Squares.



Praetorians indubitably find their origin in Inyan, where they are the elite guards of Mazasca, the Capital of that land. Praetorians are well-known for their skills in countering attacks. Learning from the codices of King Josedech, first King of Inyan, the Praetorians are a group of people that are a symbol of national pride.

Normal Praetorian: +5A/7D, If an Adjacent (ADJ) Foe Attacks you and Fails, Attack them once.

Legendary Praetorian: +6A/7D. If an Adjacent (ADJ) Foe Attacks you and Fails, they take 1 Damage.

Mythic Praetorian: +6A/7D, if an ADJ Foe Attacks, they take 2 Damage, even if they don’t fail.



Warriors are decidedly Dwarven in nature: Build for aggression, the Warriors were originally taught to fight by Doravan, who forged many of the first weapons Albadyn ever knew. Warriors are (almost) entirely lacking in discipline, instead rushing in and hitting whatever is before them. You may often find that Warriors are uncouth machines of destruction, but you may also find them possessing great heart, and courage.

Normal Warrior: +7A/4D, 2 Damage per Hit (DpH)

Legendary Warrior: +7A/4D, 3 DpH

Mythic Warrior: +7A/5D, 4 DpH


Gladiator/Gladiatrix (NEW)

Violent Entertainers from the Province of Ghrurath, the Gladiators and Gladiatrixes are expert combatants who excel at fighting in a manner that entertains and shocks with sheer brutality. Skilled in use of many different weapons, many Gladiators and Gladiatrixes use cruel and unusual weaponry to in battle for maximum brutality and efficiency.

Normal Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +6A/6D. Deal 3 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, gain 1 HP. Usable Twice per Battle.

Legendary Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +6A/6D. Deal 3 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, gain 2 HP. Usable Twice per Battle.

Mythic Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +7A/7D. Deal 5 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, you are restored to full HP. Usable Twice per Battle.


Rooks are warriors of Shadow, operating in the higher tiers of the shadowy guilds of Albadyn as leaders, or lieutenants to those more powerful than they. Rooks all wear a special amulet that allows them to channel the shadows into special powers. Rooks have a mystical origin, but only the Goblins know it, and they aren’t telling.

(Optional: Rooks may have Range 6)

Normal Rook: +6A/5D, Shift 1 Square. If you are about to be Hit, ignore it. Usable Freely 3 Times per Battle.

Legendary Rook: +6A/6D, Shift up to 4 Squares. If you are about to be Hit, ignore it. Usable Freely 2 Times per Battle.

Mythic Rook: +6A/6D, Teleport anywhere with/without an Adjacent Character (Ally or Monster, either one). Usable Freely 3 Times per Battle.



Priests are loyal servants of the Great Creator. Usually living in the Temples and Churches of towns and cities, Priests are trained in the bare minimum of the combat arts, instead spending most of their time healing the hurts of those around them.

Normal Priest: +5A/5D, Range 5. Heal an ADJ Ally +1 HP. Usable Ten times per Battle

Legendary Priest: +5A/5D, Range 5. Heal an Ally +1 HP, Range 5. Usable Ten times per Battle.

Mythic Priest: +5A/6D, Range 5. Heal any Ally +2 HP. Range 7. Usable Ten times per Battle.


While their origin point is murky, many credit Arcana, Arkeness of Magic and Knowledge with first teaching the Races magic, thus making the Sorcerers. Sorcerers can do a great many things, from slinging fireballs to hurling ice shards, and can concentrate their power into a farther-reaching, deadlier blast.

Normal Sorcerer/Sorceress: +6A/5D, Range 6, +2 Range. Usable 4 Times per Battle.

Legendary Sorcerer/Sorceress: +6A/5D, Range 7, +3 Range. Usable 4 Times per Battle.

Mythic Sorcerer/Sorceress: +6A/6D, Range 8, +4 Range, +2 Damage. Usable 3 Times per Battle.


The Knight

Knights are the most martially trained fighters in Albadyn. Wearing heavy armor, using heavy weapons, and training constantly, Knights are very, very difficult to get rid of. Knights often use two-handed weapons like Claymores, Warhammers, Morningstars, and Battleaxes.

Knights are very honorable, living by a code of conduct much like the Samurai of the lands of the Amaresu. Often times merchants will squabble over who would win in a fight between a Knight and a Samurai.

Normal Knight: +7A/7D. Ignore All Damage for 1 Round. Usable Freely Once per Battle.

Legendary Knight: +7A/7D. Ignore All Damage for 2 Rounds. Usable Freely Once per Battle.

Mythic Knight: +7A/7D. Ignore All Damage for 3 Rounds. Usable Freely Once per Battle.


The Warmage

In Albadyn, there are two types of spellcasters: spellcasters, and Warmages.

Warmages are incapable of casting small spells: everything they cast is cast to its utmost extent. A fireball turns into an incinerating cascade of meteors. An icicle freezes the air around the target solid, ending it promptly.

Warmages are fabulous at eliminating foes from far away with insanely high bonuses, eliminating multiple foes with one shot.

HOWEVER you must be warned: Warmages are not suited for pressure of any kind: they will fall if they are not as far away as possible.

SPECIAL: Warmages automatically have 2 HP, regardless of Race.

Normal Warmage: +8/3, Range 7, If you Hit a Foe, deal 1 Damage to every Character Adjacent to them.

Legendary Warmage: +9/3, Range 8, If you Hit a Foe, deal 2 Damage to every Character Adjacent to them.

Mythic Warmage: +10/3, Range 9, If you Hit a Foe, deal 3 Damage to every Character Adjacent to them.


Witch (Female Exclusive Class)

The wilds of Albadyn. The Swamps and Fens. The Deep Heart of the Forests of Gaela’s Lands in the west. Dwelling within these places are magically talented women of many races, appearances, and alignments. Guarding the wilds of Albadyn has ever been a task of the Witches, but of late their scope has expanded.

Ten years ago, fifteen years after the Four Day War, many small villages received a new inhabitant in the form of a woman with naught to her name but her raiment and the pack on her back. Witches had come, to protect the towns of Albadyn from The Undying, perversions of nature that Witches hate above all others.

Witches and nature are like two sides of the same coin: Witches and nature both are wise, powerful, and unpredictable. Witch Magic primarily concerns giving nature a boost in doing something: whether it be making water soak a foe or making vines entangle them…

Witches do not usually wear armor, using instead concentrated bursts of wind to defend themselves.  Witches usually wear a dress or a robe, or something with a cape and hood. Witches have some of the best defenses of any magic user, but they do not use magic to harm: vines may entangle but they will not kill. Witches almost universally use Staves to fight with, and they will never uses axes or weapons of Iron.

Normal Witch: +6A/6D, One Foe may not move for 1 Round. Range 5. Usable Once per Battle.

Legendary Witch: +6A/6D, One Foe may not move for 2 Rounds. Range 6. Usable Three Times per Battle.

Mythic Witch: +6A/6D, All Foes lose their ability to move for 2 Rounds. Usable Twice per Battle.



Crusaders are the blade of the Church in Albadyn. Trained during the Reign of the Wraith King, Crusaders are specialists at fighting the Undying. While they are a Knight’s equal in fighting prowess, Crusaders often wear lighter armor, making them more susceptible to injuries.

Crusaders can channel righteous indignation into their weaponry, allowing them to fling white fireballs at foes. This has led many to believe that Crusaders are in a perpetual bad mood, but this is not true of most Crusaders.

Normal Crusader: +7/5,  Deal 2 Damage to a Foe. Usable Once per Battle.

Legendary Crusader: +7/6, Deal 2 Damage to a Foe. One Use. Use 3 Actions to gain an Additional use of this Ability.

Mythic Crusader: +7/7, Deal 2 Damage to a Foe. Two Uses. Use 1 Action to gain an Additional use of this Ability.




Adept at annihilating their prey, Hunters are good to have in a fight, if a tiny bit complicated to play. If you make a few good choices, however, you will have a great Removal Character.

Normal Hunter/Huntress: +6/5, Select a Monster: you get +1 A when Attacking that Monster.

Legendary Hunter/Huntress: +6/6, Optional Range 5, Select a Second Monster: You now receive +2 A when Attacking your Chosen Monsters.

Mythic Hunter/Huntress: +6/6, Optional Range 6, Select a Third Monster: you get +2 A and +1 Damage per Hit when Attacking your Chosen Monsters.

The Berserker

Fueled by rage and built for destruction, The Berserker has the second lowest Defense in Albadyn (First will always be held by Warmage). Berserkers take talent to play properly, but those who master his/her destructive rage will guide almost limitless power.

Normal Berserker: +8/3, +2 HP

Legendary Berserker: +9/3, +3 HP

Mythic Berserker: +12/3, +4 HP, +1 Damage per Hit.



Regardless of where you are in Albadyn, you are bound to find a Soldier sooner or later. Powerful when united with others, the Soldier gets stronger when he is Adjacent to another Adventurer.

Normal Soldier: +6/5, +1 D when Adjacent to an Ally.

Legendary Soldier: +6/6, +1 A when Adjacent to an Ally.

Mythic Soldier: +7/6, +1 A/D when Adjacent to an Ally. Each ADJ Ally gets +1 D as well.

The Samurai

Dedicated to what the Ancestors wrote of Honor, the Samurai at least try to see the world in black and white, or light grey and dark grey. In a culture with so low a value on morality, the Samurai are constantly viewed askance: no one believes that they are as noble as they seem, and check their actions for hidden motives constantly.

These hidden motives, if they do indeed exist, are very rarely found.

Normal Samurai: +7/6, If you are Vanquished, Revive with 1 HP. Usable once per Battle.

Legendary Samurai: +7/6, if you are Vanquished, Revive with 2 HP. Usable once per Battle.

Mythic Samurai: +7/7, if you are Vanquished, Revive with Full HP. Usable once per Battle.

The Ninja

Masters of shadows and deceit, the Ninja are unconcerned with light, seeing only a world of black: they believe every action, no matter how righteous it might seem, is fueled by the inner desires and wickedness of the doer. Why then, should they behave any differently than they do?

Very few Ninja rise above this philosophy, but the ones that do are either shunned, or hunted.

Normal Ninja: +6/7, Reduce a Foe to 1 HP. Does not work on Bosses or Mythic Bosses. Usable Once per Battle.

Legendary Ninja: +6/7, AutoVanquish a Foe. Does not work on Bosses or Mythic Bosses. Usable Once per Battle.

Mythic Ninja: +7/7, AutoVanquish a Foe. Range 5. Does not work on Mythic Bosses. Usable Once per Battle.


The Bard (In Memory of David Russel Hahn)

Bards are actors, musicians, and gamers of all sorts: they wander Albadyn finding new music to play, new roles to perform, and new games to play. Bards play any instrument they are skilled with, and utilize a wide variety of weaponry to defeat whatever foes block their path. The music Bards play has a disarming effect on those that hear it, often reducing hardened foes to tears.

Normal Bard: +6/4, R3, Hit Foes lose 1 from their Attack Rolls. Foes cannot lose more than 1 this way.

Legendary Bard: +6/5, R3, Hit Foes lose 1 from their Attack Rolls. Foes cannot lose more than 2 this way.

Mythic Bard: +6/6, R4, Hit Foes lose 1 from their Attack Rolls. Foes cannot lose more than 3 this way.


The Pirate

The Pirate is a swift roguish character that can handle themselves more than adequately in a fight. Fighting foes with their speed is one of their best tricks, often allowing them to attack a foe and then retreat. Pirate use sabers, powderarms, and anything handy if they can’t have their ideal weapon.

(Optional: Range 5).

Normal Pirate: +7A/5D, 4 Actions per Round.

Legendary Pirate: +7A/5D, 5 Actions per Round.

Mythic Pirate: +7A/6D, 6 Actions per Round.



The Blessed

The Blessed are Priests and Priestesses that learn the arts of Arken Magic. Usually high-level spellcasters that join the Faith, they are given the almost insurmountable task of learning the Arken Language. If they can master the Blessed Speech, they are able to learn how to channel their Magical Energy in conjunction with their Holy Energy, making a powerful combination of light and magic that can leave even the strongest foes broken in their wake.

The Blessed dress in beautiful white clothes, and wield staffs with crystalline shields in their other hand. As the Blesses are rare, they are taught how to defend themselves and others efficiently.

SPECIAL: Blessed Characters only have 2 HP, regardless of Race.

Normal Blessed: +6A/7D, Range 6, Deal 1 Damage to a Normal Monster and Remove their Ability. Usable Once per Battle.

Legendary Blessed: +6A/7D, Range 6, Deal 2 Damage to a Normal Monster and Remove their Ability. Usable Twice per Battle.

Mythic Blesses: +7A/7D, Range 6, Deal 3 Damage to either a Normal or Boss Monster and Remove their Ability. Usable 3 Times per Battle.



It may be puzzling to you as to why each class has three Versions: that’s Albadyn’s leveling system. You upgrade from Normal to Legendary and then finally to Mythic. That is addressed in How To Play. Now, to Step Three…




Naming you character is an important part of the character creation process. You can technically name your character anything you want, but some names are more desirable than others. Ultimately, a name determines how others see your Character. Sir Rodgar the Affable is likely to be a man who is easy to get along with, and Sir Felmood the Quarrelsome is likely to be difficult to get along with. Names are much like labels, and you want your label to make sense.

Now, write down what you are in that notebook of yours (or on one of its torn out pages), and that Character is ready to go! I find it fun to design several, just in case.

Copyright Jacob Snow 2016