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Legends of Albadyn: Upcoming Content and Release of New Elite Quest: LoA Newsletter 11/30/2017

A new slew of content will be releasing soon: awesome content that will make your games of Legends of Albadyn have some very neat meta content.

What is meta content you ask? Meta content in this instance is something that will be effected outside the immediate game you (and your friends) are playing. This Meta Content will include access to several new modes as well as a way to get your friends involved in a meaningful way.

We will be introducing the Guild System.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while. The Guild System will allow for increased Gold Flow, construction of a Guild Hall, and will also allow for Elite Guild Quests, all of which center on taking down the Shadow Praetorium, the elite Adventurers in the Shadow Legion Guild.

Most importantly, however, the Guild System will allow you to unite yourself and your friends, family, and allies under a single banner, the banner of your Guild.

Hopefully, this system will make it easier to accumulate Gold, and will open up potential for neat new content in the future. Look for the Guild System Update (Update 5.0) on December 25, 2017.

Now, in other news,the newest Elite Quest, the Void Hound, will be uploaded shortly. While he has less than half the HP the Dragon from the last Elite Quest has, in his beta testing he ate a grand total of sixteen Adventurers. I never was able to beat him, and I look forward to trying again when the stakes are higher.

Following that, sometime between now and Christmas a small book should be going on Amazon: a story about a group of Adventurers that run afoul of some Bandits. That is part of the book, but there is more: in the back of the book you will be given a Legends of Albadyn Scenario that will allow you to recreate the harrowing battles of the book.

Now, regarding our Youtube channel (Legends of Albadyn on Youtube), I have no legitimate camera at the moment: I can only take pictures, but it records no audio. As such, our channel is, well, pretty much dead until I get some AAA Batteries for the camera I do have, but you can still check out the videos I have on there.

And a good idea for those of you who want to get your friends/family involved, the Legends of Albadyn Player’s Handbook is on Amazon.com at this link: https://www.amazon.com/Legends-Albadyn-Players-Handbook-Jacob-ebook/dp/B073VZJ426/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512029922&sr=8-1&keywords=Legends+of+Albadyn

We have an Event Coordinator’s handbook as well, also available on Amazon. Give the Gift of Albadyn!

Looking forward to our next newsletter on 12/31/2017.


Jacob Snow

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Top 3 Music For Roleplaying.

Sometimes you need some tunes for your Roleplaying. there are several sources for music that is suitable for RPing.



Placing at number one, Future World Music has music for every situation. From quiet nights in the tavern to final stands against The Shadow Legion, Future World Music has it all.

Good by Future World Music: Beautiful, A Hero Will Rise, Allegiance to the World.


2: Two Steps From Hell

If intense battle music is what you want, look no further than Two Steps From Hell. Intense music that has a tinge of desperation to it, Two Steps is ideal for impossible odds and for striking against the unending stream of Monsters.

Good by Two Steps from Hell: Blackheart, Strength of a Thousand Men, Norwegian Pirates


3: Video Game Soundtracks

Games like Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online have great Soundtracks. So do Skyrim, Oblivion, Hall and Mass Effect. Granted, some songs from some of these games may not fit the exact genre of your roleplay (techno effects + D&D? No, not for this guy), but making a playlist beforehand can alleviate these problems.

Good Video Game Soundtracks for RolePlaying: Halo 2 and 5, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Bastion, Lineage II

Where to find it?

Sources like Amazon Music and YouTube have access to these Soundtracks, and all of this music for that matter, so feel free to check it out on your next Roleplay.

Youtube Channels that have this stuff: ThePrimeCronus, SG Music, BrunuhVille

Cheers! Jacob Snow

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Elite Items: Overpowered to the MAX

Ever wanted to just destroy the first thing you Hit, regardless of its HP? How about armor that doesn’t let foes land adjacent to you? Hey, how about a weapon that allows you to trade an action for free damage?

Well, all of the aforementioned items now exist, alongside three others of equal power.

Unbalanced? yes, yes they are. So how does the game compensate?

Well, for starters, the cheapest Elite Item is 15,000 Gold. That’s a lot of gameplay. The most expensive? a whopping 90,000G.

Now, who can use these items? Whoever buys them, of course. These items transcend Class limitations: if you have it, you will learn to use it, regardless of what you are. They are just that good.

Available now in the Items Shop. Happy (late) Halloween.

Jacob snow

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Legends of Albadyn BatRep: 10 Highwaymen


???: Female Vahalyr Knight

???: Female Dwarf Archer

???: Female Goblin Ninja

???: Male Goblin Priest

Tigre: Male Gigantes Warrior

Terrance Gilfaren: Female Golden Elf Crusader

PLAYER 1: Rose

PLAYER 2: Jacob Snow

PLAYER 3: Dakota

Event Coordinator: Jacob Snow

Monster Faction: Bandits

Shadow Gold Spent: 0

MODS: No Bonuses: Natural Rolls Only.



A group of Adventurers were hired to put an end to the group of Bandits that had been raiding merchant caravans along the road from Whitehaven to Stonewall in the land of Donyavar. Dressed as travelers merely traveling with the caravan, soon enough the bandits sprung out.

WAVE 1: 5 Highwaymen

The trap sprung (we won initiative). Terrance fired a bolt of holy energy from her sword, throwing off her cloak to reveal the glistening white and red armor of a crusader beneath it. The Archer fired an arrow which stuck fast into another. The Ninja moved, and although he put up a fight, another Highwayman succumbed to the terrific onslaught.

The Knight rushed forward and tried valiantly to bring down the other highwayman, but at the end, there was a brief lull in the combat: two Highwaymen stood, of the five who had come to pillage the goods of the defenseless.

The Bandits, after recovering from their surprise, poured a blistering onslaught onto the Knight, who took four strikes from the two before she was able to mount a defense. The Knight felled the two Highwaymen with a counter attack, and stood trying to catch her breath.

“Fall back! I hear more of them!” Terrance exclaimed, and the Ninja, Archer, Knight, and herself formed up, the Archer prepared to lend support from just behind them.

WAVE 2: Five Highwaymen

The Bandits rushed out from the trees.

“What is taking so long?” an ugly bald man with a hooked nose exclaimed, and he saw his fallen comrades.

“GET ‘EM!!!” He yelled, and the Bandits charged forward. As they did, a traveling Gigantes came up from behind the Adventurers, ready to help. While he was unexpected, his aid was welcome. Undisturbed, the Bandits rushed forward and threw all of their weight into the Knight, making the same mistake as their predecessors. While two hits made it through, the Knight held them off.

The Archer fired a bow shot point blank into one of the Bandits before firing at another, felling him as well. The Knight struck another down, but two mighty blows were stopped by the cunning of the Highwayman. The Ninja circled around, and attempted to bring him down, but he blocked her blow as well. Terrance struck, but he stopped her first strike. Using her shield, she bashed his weapon out of the way and thrust him through. He fell to the ground with a grunt.

The Final Highwayman charged and struck the giant, slicing him mildly on the leg. The Giant then twirled his flail and launched the Highwayman back into the trees. He landed with a crunch.

The Adventurers returned to their guild hall and claimed the reward, retiring to enjoy a night of partying.


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Whitehaven Stories pt. 2: The Mission

As Aja and Orijen sat at The Inn, Aja began to grow impatient. They had been at the determined locale for hours, and while the minstrel was adequate, plucking away ancient ballads on a well-worn lute, Aja was never one to take inaction well.

As she reached her boiling point, the door opened. A woman with shoulder length curly red hair and pointed ears entered, a longsword by her side and white armor with a red cross on the front equipped. The armor was nicked and dented in places, showing she had fought in many battles. The fact that her left hand was absent showed that not all of them had ended in victory.

She spotted them and walked over to their table, grabbing a chair and sitting down in a stately manner. She was fair of face, but not extravagantly so.

“Greetings, Aja, Orijen. I am Terrance, and I have been sent here to speak with you on behalf of High Priest Avram. He would have come to greet you personally, but there is a matter that required his immediate attention.”

Aja raised an eyebrow and looked at Orijen askance, but he seemed to be perfectly calm.

“What is the matter that the Temple requires our assistance with?” he asked, and Terrance exhaled a small sigh of relief.

“I was concerned that you would not help if it were not Avram that was here… The Temple has reached out to your guild in a matter concerning a shipment of gold that was stolen on its way here. The wagons were burnt, and the caretakers treated with the utmost of disrespect. Of the few that could speak, one remembered seeing this symbol on the breastplate of one of the men that robbed the caravan.”

Terrance produced a piece of paper. On it was an illustration of a jagged crown. Aja’s eyes widened, and Orijen looked at her.

“This… is bad. This symbol belongs to the Knights of the Fallen Court.” Aja said, and Terrance furrowed her eyebrows as she responded.

“The Knights of the Fallen Court? They’re merely a legend the Bandits came up with to give themselves credibility. Everyone knows that.”

Aja shook her head. She knew better: she had been a soldier at the border of the Disputed Lands in her youth, so she knew the workings of the Bandit world.

“No, they are real, they just very rarely do anything. They’re content to rule the Disputed Lands and horde all the riches the Bandit Clans pay them in tribute. If they’ve come this far north, we have a very serious problem.”Aja finished speaking, and Terrance sighed.

“First the influx of Void Cult activity, and now this. Donyavar is falling to pieces around our ears… Well, since you know this foe, I can get down to your mission. A small shipment of incredibly precious stones is leaving from the Whitehaven Grand Temple to be taken to Rhasys for the dedication of the new Temple there. If these stones are stolen, the Temple in Rhasys will not be able to receive any Adventurers that perish in their borders, and Adventurers working there will be forced to return to this world much farther away from their work than normal. Will you and your guild assist us in keeping it safe?” Terrance finished speaking, and awaited an answer.

Aja looked at Orijen, and they both smiled. Aja looked at Terrance and spoke, an excited edge to her voice.

“Give us two days, and we’ll make sure not even a dragon could steal these jewels.”

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Whitehaven Stories Pt 1: Arrival

The rain cascaded on Whitehaven’s streets like a curtain of glistening beads, each bead plummeting freely until colliding with its target and exploding gloriously.

As long as its target wasn’t your eye, foolishly looking upward, you would be fine. Summers were warm in Donyavar, the neighboring land to Inyan. Whitehaven, the capital of that land, was famed far and wide for its glistening marble walls and streets, signs of its affluence and might.

The guards of Whitehaven, on the other hand, left much to be desired. As the woman and her companion entered the city through the main gate, the guards were too immersed in their game of Flags to even notice someone had entered. The woman tsked and shook her head, but the man smiled, glad that the men were enjoying themselves.

Both wore cloaks of dark black to keep the rain from their eyes, cloaks unmarked save for the small crimson cross embroidered on the right shoulder. To those who did not know of them, the symbol was nothing other than a decoration. To those who did, the symbol testified of their Guild Affiliation with the Crimson Crosses, a small adventurers Guild operating from the Inyani town of Harfast.

As the pair walked the streets, the woman surveyed the surrounding buildings seeking an inn, while the man looked around in wonder. The woman’s eyes lighted upon her sought-after establishment, a place imaginatively named The Inn.

As the pair entered, the woman lowered her hood. Her hair was short and raggedly cut, hanging just below her chin. Her hair was raven black, save for a streak of red in the lock that perpetually hung over her right eye. Her skin was pale, and her makeup accentuated that fact with its dark colors. Beneath her left eye, a symbol: a small half-diamond underlined her eye, its tip ending at her cheekbone. She was fair to look upon, and her face seemed to have an ageless quality to it, which annoyed the staff of The Inn to no end.

The man lowered his hood and straightened his shoulder length blonde hair. His ears were pointed elegantly, and his face constantly had a small smile on it. His skin was light golden, and he wore a small silver cross around his neck to show his status as a priest.

The woman took a seat at a round table in the dark corner, but her companion sat at the table next to it, which was somewhat more illuminated. After a brief wordless argument executed with expressions and gestures, the woman sighed and moved from her table to sit next to her companion.

One of the servers, a young woman with curly brown hair and freckles, approached and began to speak.

“Greetings, travelers! What may I get you on this rainy evening? We have tea if you’re feeling unwell after getting wet.”

The woman with the short hair sighed and spoke, her voice slightly lower than one would expect.

“I’ll have some brew, and the gentleman here will have, without fail…”

“Water.” He said in a slightly musical voice. The maid blushed slightly, and a flash of aggression flared in the woman’s eyes.

“Sorry, missy: he’s taken.” The maid’s eyes widened for a second, and she nodded and walked away.

“Well, it’s an improvement over the last one. No sword, for one thing.” The man said, and the woman chuckled. Shortly thereafter, the maid returned with their drinks, and after a drink, the woman spoke.

“Well, Orijen, what kind of work are we here to do?”

“Ideally, we’ll be finding out here in a few moments. My contact should already be here… Hopefully she’ll arrive soon, Aja.”













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Class Review: The Fighter

Bonuses: +6A/6D

Ability Description: Damage Prevention for Self.

Skill Required: 2 out of 8 (VERY easy)

Endurance: 6 out of 8


Fighters are ideal for beginners in Legends of Albadyn: they control easily and have virtually no learning curve. The most complicated part of playing a Fighter is deciding when to use your Shield Block. Other than that, their Bonuses are great, and they can survive toe to toe with a Marauder if the dice land right.

Fighters can also be any Race you want, since they can ignore Damage the lowest HP Races have as much of a chance as a powerhouse like a Vahalyr or Orc.

If Fighters have one weakness, it is to Ranged assault. If playing a Fighter, don’t allow yourself to be cornered and then peppered by Crossbow bolts or magical blasts. Always leave a venue open to escape out of, or you’ll be overwhelmed and ground under.