Legends of Albadyn BatRep: Solo Run Raid

Character: Aja Whiteshield (Legendary Human Fighter)

Player: Jacob Snow

Event Coordinator: Jacob Snow

Monster Faction: Bandits



Monsters: 1 Crossbowman, X2 Bandit Thugs

Moderately sized room, with lots of room to maneuver. Aja lost Initiative, and one of the Thugs situated himself three squares away. Aja, never one to turn down a relatively easy kill, leapt forward and ran her short sword into his mid. Then, DISASTER!

The Crossbowman had situated himself in a manner that, had Aja gone to engage the Thug, would put her in his sights. He fired off three bolts, but only one Hit her, reducing her to five HP.

the other Thug had an utterly uneventful run, and Aja ended him before swooping down on the Crossbowman. She used a Shield Block to stop his one attack that got through, and she smashed him with her shield.


Monsters: 1 Crossbowman, X2 Highwaymen, X2 Bandit Thugs.

Aja lost Initiative again and the Highwaymen swooped in, one of them scoring a Hit. the Crossbowman moved and fired, but his bolt missed. Aja brought down both of the Highwaymen and moved out of range of the Crossbowman. One of the thugs moved close enough to engage and struck, but she used her Shield Block to stop it. The Crossbowman fired off another barrage after positioning himself, and Aja used her last Shield Block to stop it. Then the Thug swung and Hit, and Aja had only two HP.

After some fast movement, Aja brought down the Thugs and the Crossbowman, who had a stroke of luck and reduced her to 1 HP.


Aja only had one HP at this point. and a 7 HP Fallen Knight was standing at the other end of the room. She finally wins Initiative and moves forward 1 Square, getting close enough that, if the Fallen Knight charged, she would be able to get him. He did, and she leapt forward, scoring a Hit out of three Attacks.

The Knight hit with his first Action, blowing through her shield, her forearm, and her collarbone. Aja dissolved into glittery light and awoke in the Temple with a aching arm and mild chest pain.


I learned how far a lone Character can go. Sure, I made some mistakes as both Player and Event coordinator, but ultimately it came to the conclusion I had dreaded: Aja would make it to the Boss Room, but would perish inside it. Without her usual support of a Priest, her hubby Orijen Whiteshield, the Legendary Golden Elf Priest, she just couldn’t stay ahead of her injuries.

Until next time!

Jacob Snow


Freedom (Happy Independence Day)

Well, it’s been a long time since America was founded. 1776 til now, and the world has changed.

Yes, July 4th is about that. But it also transcends that. Its in the name, really: INDEPENDENCE day. I don’t care where you are, you can celebrate July 4th with me and a whole load of Americans, Yanks, or whatever it is you call us in other places.

Why? Because Independence day is about the ideals of freedom and justice and brotherly love, not just about a date. Those ideals are worth fighting for, regardless of where you are in the world. UNITE: unite against the things that drag you and those you care about down. FIGHT: fight against the evils raging around you. BRING TOGETHER: Bring those around you together and have fun: launching fireworks or having a cookout is twice as fun when you pull in your whole neighborhood: I did it today.

And be Legendary. Independence Day is not just for Americans: sure, for us its a really special day: our Country’s birthday, but it is also about remembering what this country was built with, and remembering that those things are still worth fighting for, wherever you are.

Happy Independence Day, world: see you next year.


Legends of Albadyn BatRep: Skirmish with the New Guy


Event Coordinator: Jacob Snow


Archaemon: Legendary Human Rook

Sureiyā: Normal Amaresu Knight

Vashti: Normal Dark Elf Sorceress

Skrii: Normal Goblin Warrior


X1 Crossbowman

X2 Bandit Thugs.

(Total: 4 HP)



Purchased my first Monster: the Bandit Thug. I wasn’t sure how impressive he would be, and while I did not necessarily get to find out, I have a feel for it now.

I won Initiative as a Player, so the Adventurers got to go first: Vashti started off powerful by using her Range Extension Ability as a Sorceress to wipe out the Crossbowman. Skrii moves out of Archaemon’s way, and Archaemon moves forward one and blasts the first Bandit Thug. Sureiya and Skrii couldn’t get close enough to tag the Bandit Thug that was left, and that concluded Adventurer Turn 1.

Monster Turn 1 was short: the Bandit Thug leapt forward two squares and used his free Action to cut Sureiya’s HP in half. His final 2 Damage strike fell flat, and that wrapped up the Monster Turn.

Adventurer Turn 2 was shorter: Sureiya used her mighty claymore and gave the Thug a migraine he would never forget… or remember, really (dark smile).



I probably could have cut Monster Turn 1 out completely by using a Rook Shadow Shift (the Rook Ability) to move Archaemon in Range of the second Thug. Sure, it would have been a really short game, but I play solo to get better on all edges of my game, and if I’m in a party with other people, a mistake like that could get one of my comrades axed.

For the Monsters, I learned that the Thug is a low-budget alternative to the Marauder: while the Marauder will always be more powerful than the Thug, the Thug can take a low roll and make it harrowing: I thought I was going to lose Sureiya for a minute, there, and as she’s my highest-Bonus Character in that party, that would have been bad had there been more than one room.



Any battle I learn from is a win: I learned to keep better track of my positioning when playing as an Adventurer and to make the most out of every Monster HP Roll when playing as an Event Coordinator.

I look forward to playing again.

Cheers, and God Bless!

Jacob Snow


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UPDATE 4.0 and some really big news

Hello all! Jacob Snow here, telling you all about Update 4.0, possibly the largest update yet. The Bestiary and Event Coordinator system have been revamped, with rewards worked in for Event Coordinators so they don’t get depressed: just playing Monsters and getting beaten all the time is terrible for morale.

Event Coordinators also have items to purchase, whether 1-time enhancements or deathtraps!

But that isn’t the big news. Oh but no. The big news is that LEGENDS OF ALBADYN HAS A PLAYERS HANDBOOK ON AMAZON!!! Handbook exclusive Items for Adventurers are in those pages, as well as a hard copy of the Player system for you to have with you everywhere!

We also have an Event Coordinator’s Handbook with some exclusive tips and tricks straight from my EC Playbook! To find the Players Handbook, simply click


However, due to some formatting issues and balancing problems, the Event Coordinator’s Handbook is temporarily unavailable, but in a few days it should be. Just search Legends of Albadyn and you’ll be good to go!

These two books contain everything you need to know to start playing Legends of Albadyn, and they are full of cool extras not found online!

May your Legends continue!

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


Book Review: The Allies Family and Friends by Dakota Love

A brand new Comic Book series available on Amazon.com, the Allies is a Comic Book I can actually read to a five year old!


Plot (Books 1-4): Great

The first four volumes of The Allies: Family and Friends, deals with the formatory experience of the eponymous team: a group of folks meet at a powwow and fight ancient evil. Trippin, right? The team is multicultural in a way we never see in the big comics: a Cherokee-Jewish girl, several Native Americans, some India Indians, and more! Diversity like this I’ve never seen, y’all.

The Cleric is trying to get a Bible in a Native American Language to the tribe it belongs to, and a bad lady named Mantra wants this stopped.

The heroes meet in an unconventional way, and are immediately… ERADICATED BY ANCIENT EVIL! No, not really, but almost… It’s really well done, pacing is slow but mounting, and it concludes in a proper manner.

Characters: Exceptional

Can’t complain about the Characters: the Allies are diverse (as seen above),  I’ll give a brief spoiler-free description of each one:

Ranger: A middle aged dude with shapeshifting powers: he turns into different animals. He’s kinda gruff, but he’s a good dude. He’s the next Character’s Dad, but nonsterotypical: he’s dad-joke free.

Amethyst: A teenager with the power to take on the properties of different rocks. She also has the power to generate barriers and other cool stuff. She’s perky and amusing, not crossing the line to the obnoxious teen almost every series is afflicted with: she’s not broody, she’s not bubble-gum-brained, she’s awesome.

Fireangel: Chick with fire powers and flight. She’s married to The Paladin, and she’s a nice lady who is encouraging to those around her.

Paladin: Dude with spontaneous sword and armor generation: he makes weapons and armor for himself poof out of thin air. If I had a beef with anyone, it was this guy: he’s a bit too insecure. He’s an online College Professor, and he spends, like, two pages talking about how awesome online college is, only to worry he wasn’t thorough enough. DUDE! The only thing he didn’t give her was a phone number for the college! Still, he’s a cool character.

Wind: Native American lady with wind powers (obviously). She’s smart, cool, but she worries a bit. She’s The Warrior’s sister.

The Warrior: Native American dude with the same powers as his sister: they work together and have a great sibling relationship.

Shakti: One of the main characters of this story arc, Shakti has super strength, amazing powers, and is the mom of The Cleric. She’s one of the strongest characters, because her maternal side balances out her incredible strength. She keeps her family safe and does it all with a cool accent (I assume).

The Cleric: The main man on this story arc: The Cleric is a Franciscan Dark Elf/Hindi Monk named Krishna. I know, right? He is seriously English Second Language, as almost all of his speech bubbles are transliterated Hindi words, which are almost always translated in the same or adjacent frame. He has healing powers, and is the main lead.

The Cavalier: Shakti’s husband, the Cavalier has no powers, but he has a cool car, and is a VAMPIRE! Guess the no powers line wasn’t quite accurate. For more info on him, check out DeSoto’s Revenge (Issue… six) for details. He’s awesome, southern, and dodges the stereotypes nicely (he doesn’t sparkle, thank God.)

Mantra: The main villain, she uses Chaos magic in a mad quest to obliterate the Cleric, and anyone else nearby. She gets a fitting comeuppance, but before she does she keeps the main characters one ragged step ahead of disaster.


Overall Review

the books are hand-drawn and lettered, so no cgi is used here. It’s a manga-esque style, and it doesn’t have anyone wearing a cringe-inducing outfit or being overly muscled (no individual abs, thank you). It’s okay for kids, and it doesn’t have a single death in it: not even a spoik of blood. For real. It’s a-okay! I do have to say that if you want to get in, you have to buy issues 1-4 (out of the available 6) together. As it builds up from page one all the way up to the end, you’ve got to have all four volumes for the best effect.

It’s a good product that’ll cost you 7.99 apiece (US dollars), and each one has around 30 pages with no ads. Compared to other comics, that’s a great value. I know the authoress personally, and she puts a lot of work into these things, and has a lot of cool stuff coming up. If you’re a Christian (or not) and are looking for a great, clean comic series, look no farther: this one’s good.

Cheers, and God Bless!

Jacob Snow


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Legends of Albadyn BatRep: Two Character Raid (6/20/2017)

Sorry this one came out late: had a lot of weird junk going on and am only now having time to blog.


Lucy Blackwing: Vahalyr Warrior (7HP, +7A/4D, 2 Damage per Hit)

Alric: Vahalyr Archer (7HP, +7A/4D, Overshoot 1 (shoot past an occupied square).

Event Coordinator: Jacob

Monster Faction: Bandits


Room 1

Lucy started out as the tank, pulling in with good rolls against mediocre Monsters. It was only five points, so nothing too major. Alric fired off some shots at the Marauder, who stood stock still letting Alric shoot him. Stupid me, forgetting to move the guy. The Highwaymen tagged Lucy twice, though.

Room 2

Better odds this time, with a Trollkin, a Spellcaster, and a few Highwaymen. (think it was… 10 points, not bad for two dice). Lucy dealt with the minions, and Alric blasted the Spellcaster. Nothing overly special happened, aside from Lucy downing the Trollkin in two consecutive rolls.


The Fallen Knight. As both of my Characters only had 4 Defense Bonus, I earnestly had no expectation of making it. Alric pinged the Fallen Knight as he closed in. Then, the Fallen Knight bashed Alric and Lucy, keeping them stunned for a Round. But then Lucy pulled off an amazing Defense: she rolled a 6, and he rolled a 2. He had used two Actions to bash Alric, so she was in the clear. She swung her axe mightily, and it crashed through the Fallen Knight’s malevolent helm, doing incredible damage and winning the day, not to mention a nice, big Bounty.

Lessons Learned

It’s irrelevant how many Characters you’ve got on the table. Even a single Character can win the day: Play it right and you’ll get through. Don’t go into a fail state just because you think its impossible to win: it’s always possible, even when you’re facing a three point Bonus difference.

Cheers, God Bless, and Keep on Playing.

Jacob Snow