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The Gladiator/Gladiatrix–New Class


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Okay, the Gladiator/Gladiatrix: we wanted a build that reflected the ancient Roman gladiators but didn’t focus in too heavily on the historicity. The Albadynian Gladiators, therefore, are more like the WWE/Lucha Underground fighters: they fight for real, but physically destroying their opponent is not the primary goal: making it a good show is.

So how do we make that reflect in a game? Entertaining others is kinda complicated to translate into gameplay terms without making it an AoE Buff… all allies in range X get +1 to Attack? Makes no sense: Gladiators didn’t make others improve, they entertained them same as WWE wrestlers do these days: sure, its violent, but watching it isn’t going to make me more effective in battle: they are highly skilled athletes, but they don’t make me more skilled by association.

So now the problem manifests: how to express “GLADIATORNESS” in gameplay terms. Do we make them offense-oriented monsters? That sounds fun. Gladiators were well rounded, though: while not a heavily armored as Knights, they knew how to keep themselves safe while also knowing how to wreck their opponent.


How about… a unique finish… I’VE GOT IT!

Normal Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +6A/6D. Deal 3 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, gain 1 HP. Usable Twice per Battle.


Legendary Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +6A/6D. Deal 3 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, gain 2 HP. Usable Twice per Battle.


Mythic Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +7A/7D. Deal 5 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, you are restored to full HP. Usable Twice per Battle.

This taps the For Honor field, with the executions gaining more HP. Explanation? The rush of pulling off this brutal finisher re-energizes the Gladiator/Gladiatrix, allowing them to continue fighting. Sweeeeet.

Enjoy the new Class, guys and gals: it can be found in the Character Creation section.

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Let’s Talk Shadow Gold.

When Legends of Albadyn was still in development, there was a debate between myself and one of the test players about the Shadow Gold system. They thought that Shadow Gold was unnecessary and brought too much complication to the game.

I stubbed up: I was determined to have the system in and that was that. Despite repeated attempts to persuade me to leave it out, I wired it in anyhow and then published the game after some time had passed and everything was together.

It has now been almost a year and a half, and I am REALLY on the fence as to whether or not it belongs in the game or not.

My intentions were good, please understand: I wanted the Event Coordinator to have some unlockables too, and some form of advancement. It seemed like such a good idea.

However, as I play by myself quite often, I came to realize that the Shadow Gold system is really quite cumbersome to use, and without constant access to an Event Coordinator’s HandBook or an open web browser, none of the mods really see use. Granted, when I have used them, it has been pretty fun, but as I do not like going “Wait, let me check” and grabbing my mobile device at every opportunity, they are rarely used. I have (Depressingly enough) not gotten one of MY OWN BOOKS yet, so I have no legitimate way of using the system.

Worse still, I keep losing how much Shadow Gold I have! Keeping track of it has been a nightmare consistently. But that might just be the result of playing four characters AND all the Monsters AND keeping track of my Adventurer’s Gold accumulation, which is done by keeping tally of what monsters I’ve slain and ambling over to my computer to see how much money we made. I’m my own accountant!

So what do I do? Do I remove it? Do I revamp it? Do I leave it alone? Advice is welcome, because I just don’t know what to do.

Until next time!

Jacob Snow



The Dawn of the Guild–Legends of Albadyn Update 6.0

The next huge thing has arrived! The Guild System.

The Guild System gives perks, access to a newly designed PVP system, and allows you and your friends to have an even closer association with your characters.

HOWEVER: This system is still in Beta. That’s right: your input can help shape this new system. At the moment, we have the following:

Member Req.: 8 (this means that a minimum of eight Characters are required. Any number of players can be there, but the minimum of Characters is eight.)

Bonuses: Guild Members get +1 HP and X2 GP on Monster Vanquishes

The Guild Bank: Guild Members can store Gold in the Bank for use and redistribution among members.


Access to Team Conquest, Capture, and Competitive Excursion (The bevy of PvP modes currently in Development.)

However, there is still room for more stuff. More features, more modes, etc. I want the Guild System to be the child of this community, as the Guild System aims to allow us to be closer together, while also opening up more competitive venues. What would you add?

Comment, email (, and let me know what you think it should have.

(For an example of how Capture works, look us up on YouTube! It’s a lot of fun to play.)

Keep the comments rolling, and may all your adventures end in Triumph!

Jacob Snow




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*NEW* Mythic Weapon: The Seventh Sorrow

The history of the seven-chambered Revolver known as The Seventh Sorrow is a perplexing one filled with great power, and the ruination of those who wielded it.

The first recorded wielder of The Seventh Sorrow was its maker, Yorlingas Ironhand, the famed Dwarven blacksmith who made the first revolver. The Seventh Sorrow was not that revolver, though: The Seventh Sorrow was his masterpiece, the final work he made. While wielding it, Yorlingas never lost a battle: the magic power in the seventh chamber was too devastating to be prepared for, and its wielder far too good a shot.

For a time, Yorlingas was one of most powerful men in Albadyn: he amassed an even larger fortune than he had prior, he became known all throughout Albadyn, not just Rhasys, his homeland, and he was more skilled in battle than (arguably) and Dwarf before him.

But his ruin was his pride. Convinced that, while wielding The Seventh Sorrow, he could never be defeated, Yorlingas decided that he would face a monster so powerful that no one had ever faced before: The Ashen Hound.

This was before the origin of the Adventurer’s Amulet, so when the battle came to its predictable conclusion, Yorlingas was no more, and his pride and joy, The Seventh Sorrow, was lost.

Years later, after the Ashen Hound had moved on to Ghar, a wandering peddler found a strange revolver lying in the wilderness. Despite the fact that it had lain there for years, the metal still shone as though it had been forged only the day prior. The peddler was not well-versed in Dwarven weaponry, though, and thought he had found some random revolver left behind by some foolish adventurer, and he picked it up and carried it with him in his cart.

Once he found out what it was, however, pride began to seep into him, as well. He would brag to every merchant he knew that he had found the infamous Seventh Sorrow, a weapon without market price, that he could sell to any number of collectors.

His fate is surely known to you by now. Another merchant, a greedy, ruthless merchant, would be The Seventh Sorrow’s next owner.

After him, a Rook would take it. After the Rook, a Bandit, and after the Bandit, a woman seeking to open her own shop. The shop is where it has remained. DiVareta warns those who would buy this weapon: ownership has brought much grief to those who allow pride to poison their hearts. Take heed: even though with this weapon you are powerful, you will never be invincible.



Elite Weapon: The Seventh Sorrow.

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Legends of Albadyn Short Story: Arrival

The City of Harfast. A large fort surrounded by several small villages and dominated by a large tower called, originally enough, The Great Tower.

But Harfast is not known for its history of impressive battles, nor indeed for The Great Tower, but rather, it is known as the headquarters of the Albadynian Guild The Champions. One of Albadyn’s first adventuring Guilds, many people have sought membership due to the pedigree of its members: people renowned world over for their greatness and power: Xandra the Dragonblood Knight, Archaemon the Blackbird of Bromstead, and Aja Whiteshield, who withstood the might of the terrifying Jade Dragon.

It is for this reason that a new character enters the story: a novice adventurer who bears the mark of one who has great heart, but not great skill. Her age: eighteen. Her hair: short and brown. Her most noticeable feature? An eyepatch over her left eye. Despite this, her demeanor could easily be described as perky and eager to see where life takes her. She has not allowed the failures of the past to drag her down.

Her name? Mary. A rather plain name, she will be the first to tell you, but that will be followed by a small talk about the beauty of simplicity.She has come to Harfast with a small amount of gold in her pocket and the pack on her back as her entire collection of worldly goods: she has been cast from where she was and used it to propel her to where she wants to be.

As she approached the guild hall, its somewhat ominous appearance made her falter: made entirely out of polished black stone with red banners hanging off the two upper-story balconies (each of which is embroidered with a black cross), the Champions Guild Hall was built by Dwarves out of polished Onyx. A very expensive (and very durable) structure, which was given to the Champions after they did a job for the aforementioned Dwarves.

After Mary recollected her nerve, she entered the building. It was surprisingly cool inside, and before her was a wooden desk, whereat at man was seated, and before him was a large (and very old) book.

“Welcome. If you seek to hire the Champions, please place your request on the board: I assure you someone will help you as soon as they become available. If…” The man had clearly given this speech many times before.

“I want to join your Guild!” Mary exclaimed, cutting the man off mid-sentence. His eyes narrowed and he surveyed her briefly.

“Very well, come forward and be seated.” He said, and Mary willingly complied. He opened the book and drew forth a Rook-feather quill.

“Name?” He asked matter-of-factly, with his eyes fastened to the book.

“Uhm… Mary Windstorm” she replied. He wrote it down and asked the next question without hesitation

“Combat Skills?” Mary regained her composure and shook off her uncertainty before replying.

“I am skilled with a saber and a hand crossbow.” She smiled: this was going well.

“Previous Adventuring Experience?” He asked, still steadfastly glued to the book. Mary was glad for it: she faltered. Thinking about her past adventure made her remember its disastrous result.

“I completed a Quest in the town of Stonewall. I was tasked with clearing out a Bandit camp.” She had tried her best, but a small quiver escaped in her voice.

“Completed?” he asked, still fastened to the book. That was beginning to annoy Mary.

“Well, completed enough. I vanquished all but one of them, but then I took an arrow…” The man raised his face and narrowed his eyes, judging what she would say next.

“…to the eye.” Mary said slowly, unsure of why he was suddenly so intense. He nodded, looked back at the book, and he sighed.

“Well, you have been truthful, and that counts for something. You have to pass our entrance test before you can join, however. It is not too difficult, but it winnows out those who have the spirit for the work, and those who do not.”



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The Legend Grows… Skills have arrived

A fundamental change to what all your Character(s) is(are) capable of.

The reason for this update is because when you think of any legendary figure from our world, there is one defining trait. That is your Character’s Class Ability.

But in the same token, King Arthur, wielder of Excalibur, was also a capable jouster. That would be his Skill.

Skills are fully optional: want your character to stay exactly as they are? Go for it. But for those who desire to increase their power, here is how it works.

When you first Create your Character, you choose their class as per usual. However, when you are done, hop over to the Skills tab and select ONE SKILL.

When you reach Legendary, you can select a second. When you reach Mythic, you can select a third and final skill.

There are going to be three types of Skills: Attack Skills, Defense Skills, and Agility Skills. These are pretty self-explanatory. Like an Ability, a Skill is either Static, meaning it is always on, or it is Active, meaning it requires an Action to use, and has limited uses.

I have already tested these, and they add a LOT of gameplay depth, as well as making your Character feel truly Legendary.

They’re coming, and they’re coming soon. Don’t worry, Event Coordinators… I’m working on something for you, too…

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It Begins… Quest Season Two Episode 1 out now.

It took some time to get it together, but now it is official: Quest Season 2 has begun. Find it in the Quest Mode Tab!

This Quest was designed with Four Adventurers in mind, and it has a weapon to win that you will not find in the Items Shop.

It is but the first step in the new season, but it sets the stage for a series of battles your players will never forget.

Here we go guys and gals: time to rumble.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow