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The Legend Grows… Skills have arrived

A fundamental change to what all your Character(s) is(are) capable of.

The reason for this update is because when you think of any legendary figure from our world, there is one defining trait. That is your Character’s Class Ability.

But in the same token, King Arthur, wielder of Excalibur, was also a capable jouster. That would be his Skill.

Skills are fully optional: want your character to stay exactly as they are? Go for it. But for those who desire to increase their power, here is how it works.

When you first Create your Character, you choose their class as per usual. However, when you are done, hop over to the Skills tab and select ONE SKILL.

When you reach Legendary, you can select a second. When you reach Mythic, you can select a third and final skill.

There are going to be three types of Skills: Attack Skills, Defense Skills, and Agility Skills. These are pretty self-explanatory. Like an Ability, a Skill is either Static, meaning it is always on, or it is Active, meaning it requires an Action to use, and has limited uses.

I have already tested these, and they add a LOT of gameplay depth, as well as making your Character feel truly Legendary.

They’re coming, and they’re coming soon. Don’t worry, Event Coordinators… I’m working on something for you, too…

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Legend of Albadyn Blog: Fight Together or Fail Alone

It’s said so often, but in Albadyn it could not be truer. This game is a lot harder than I thought it was when I was designing it.

I took a new Character of mine (Ogor Rawkfist, Normal Orc Fighter) and rolled two dice. The result was seven. Using that number, I fielded one Marauder, one Crossbowman, and two Highwaymen. They were set up so that the Crossbowman was corner camping behind them.

I figured it would be a snap.

Eight failed attempts later, I am not sure what went wrong. Orcs have 8 HP, and the Fighter has +6/6, as well as two Ignores that should have made it a cinch.

And yet, even on my most successful run I was Vanquished by a Highwayman, lowest of the low, simply because by the time I had cleared up the rest, I had only one HP left and it was his turn.

Frustrated, I reset the room for the ninth time and grabbed Aja, my Mythic Fighter who just purchased a Claymore, ideal for crowd control.

By Attempt 11, I was fed up. Really? I mean, REALLY!?

So I caved: I couldn’t do it. I opened one of my Character bags and pulled out Merrik, my Human Sorcerer.

While Aja still almost buckled to the sustained pressure being put on her by the Crossbowman and the dumbfoundingly durable Highwaymen, the day was still won due to Merrik’s ranged support, and both of them survived.

Ten failures, and one success. At the same room.

The worth of one additional Adventurer cannot be understated. Going it alone even in relatively insignificant odds will result in bitter (and repeated) annihilation. Bring a friend, or failing that, simply have two Characters. I have like, eight or nine, three of which are Mythic, but I was determined to see how much a single character can do.

The result: not much.

Until next time!

Jacob Snow

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It Begins… Quest Season Two Episode 1 out now.

It took some time to get it together, but now it is official: Quest Season 2 has begun. Find it in the Quest Mode Tab!

This Quest was designed with Four Adventurers in mind, and it has a weapon to win that you will not find in the Items Shop.

It is but the first step in the new season, but it sets the stage for a series of battles your players will never forget.

Here we go guys and gals: time to rumble.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow

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A Late Merry Christmas

Okay, so I’m a little late on giving you your LoA Christmas Present.

Worse yet, it is not what I said it would be. The Guild System is taking a bit more developer time than I thought.

So now I give you something else that has been in the works for a while: Mythic Status.

But first, your actual gift: you can take 1 Adventurer you have to Mythic Level. You also get a Silver Token.

Using this Silver Token, you can upgrade a Mythic Adventurer with a Mythic Status. This replaces your current Ability with one that is overpowered as bleep.

Here are a few Mythic Statuses… Eh, it’s a working title.

Draconic Blood: You never have to Roll for Defense again. Instead, if a foe wants to Hit you, they must roll a 5 or 6. The most damage you can ever take is 1.

Master of Evasion: you cannot be Hit by Ranged Attacks.

Battledancer: when you successfully Hit an Adjacent For, you get +1 Free Action for the purpose of Attacking.

Snap Rages: at the start of each Round, roll a Dice: if you roll a 4, 5, or 6, you get +6 to your Attack Rolls. If you succeed, you cannot make a Ranged Attack.

And one more for the road…

Final Stand: if you only have 1 HP, you get +2 to both your Attack and Defense bonuses.

How do you earn Silver Tokens? You earn them by Vanquishing Fallen Knights, the Bandit Bosses. The Last-Hitter of the Boss gets the Silver Token.

Enjoy! More coming as time goes on.

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Legends of Albadyn: Upcoming Content and Release of New Elite Quest: LoA Newsletter 11/30/2017

A new slew of content will be releasing soon: awesome content that will make your games of Legends of Albadyn have some very neat meta content.

What is meta content you ask? Meta content in this instance is something that will be effected outside the immediate game you (and your friends) are playing. This Meta Content will include access to several new modes as well as a way to get your friends involved in a meaningful way.

We will be introducing the Guild System.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while. The Guild System will allow for increased Gold Flow, construction of a Guild Hall, and will also allow for Elite Guild Quests, all of which center on taking down the Shadow Praetorium, the elite Adventurers in the Shadow Legion Guild.

Most importantly, however, the Guild System will allow you to unite yourself and your friends, family, and allies under a single banner, the banner of your Guild.

Hopefully, this system will make it easier to accumulate Gold, and will open up potential for neat new content in the future. Look for the Guild System Update (Update 5.0) on December 25, 2017.

Now, in other news,the newest Elite Quest, the Void Hound, will be uploaded shortly. While he has less than half the HP the Dragon from the last Elite Quest has, in his beta testing he ate a grand total of sixteen Adventurers. I never was able to beat him, and I look forward to trying again when the stakes are higher.

Following that, sometime between now and Christmas a small book should be going on Amazon: a story about a group of Adventurers that run afoul of some Bandits. That is part of the book, but there is more: in the back of the book you will be given a Legends of Albadyn Scenario that will allow you to recreate the harrowing battles of the book.

Now, regarding our Youtube channel (Legends of Albadyn on Youtube), I have no legitimate camera at the moment: I can only take pictures, but it records no audio. As such, our channel is, well, pretty much dead until I get some AAA Batteries for the camera I do have, but you can still check out the videos I have on there.

And a good idea for those of you who want to get your friends/family involved, the Legends of Albadyn Player’s Handbook is on at this link:

We have an Event Coordinator’s handbook as well, also available on Amazon. Give the Gift of Albadyn!

Looking forward to our next newsletter on 12/31/2017.


Jacob Snow

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Top 3 Music For Roleplaying.

Sometimes you need some tunes for your Roleplaying. there are several sources for music that is suitable for RPing.



Placing at number one, Future World Music has music for every situation. From quiet nights in the tavern to final stands against The Shadow Legion, Future World Music has it all.

Good by Future World Music: Beautiful, A Hero Will Rise, Allegiance to the World.


2: Two Steps From Hell

If intense battle music is what you want, look no further than Two Steps From Hell. Intense music that has a tinge of desperation to it, Two Steps is ideal for impossible odds and for striking against the unending stream of Monsters.

Good by Two Steps from Hell: Blackheart, Strength of a Thousand Men, Norwegian Pirates


3: Video Game Soundtracks

Games like Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online have great Soundtracks. So do Skyrim, Oblivion, Hall and Mass Effect. Granted, some songs from some of these games may not fit the exact genre of your roleplay (techno effects + D&D? No, not for this guy), but making a playlist beforehand can alleviate these problems.

Good Video Game Soundtracks for RolePlaying: Halo 2 and 5, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Bastion, Lineage II

Where to find it?

Sources like Amazon Music and YouTube have access to these Soundtracks, and all of this music for that matter, so feel free to check it out on your next Roleplay.

Youtube Channels that have this stuff: ThePrimeCronus, SG Music, BrunuhVille

Cheers! Jacob Snow

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New Monsters: The Shadow Legion, as promised.

Okay, look, I know they were called the Black Legion in the future stuff post, but the Shadow Legion sounds cooler.

For those of you who do not know, Legends of Albadyn is now on Facebook. You can find us, get real-time information on how Beta Testing is going, and other cool stuff.

Secondly, we are also available on Amazon. The Players Handbook and the Event Coordinator’s Handbook each have cool stuff in them, especially the Players Handbook, which has exclusive artwork, an exclusive Class, and some Exclusive Items. Feel free to buy them and support the game! They are relatively inexpensive as far as things go, so check em out!

So, these new Monsters are tough. I have quite a few Leveled Adventurers, and the Shadow Legion keeps pace, even with the Mythic Adventurers I have. If you want a challenge, its there now.

But the Shadow Legion’s Warfare Battalion only has three Minion Monsters and one Boss. Isn’t that low? Yes it is. But there is already a new Battalion in development, so look us up on Facebook (@legendsofalbadyn) for the in-progress updates on that.

God Bless, and Happy Halloween! Got some nice treats ready for my players!

Jacob Snow