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Class Review: The Fighter

Bonuses: +6A/6D

Ability Description: Damage Prevention for Self.

Skill Required: 2 out of 8 (VERY easy)

Endurance: 6 out of 8


Fighters are ideal for beginners in Legends of Albadyn: they control easily and have virtually no learning curve. The most complicated part of playing a Fighter is deciding when to use your Shield Block. Other than that, their Bonuses are great, and they can survive toe to toe with a Marauder if the dice land right.

Fighters can also be any Race you want, since they can ignore Damage the lowest HP Races have as much of a chance as a powerhouse like a Vahalyr or Orc.

If Fighters have one weakness, it is to Ranged assault. If playing a Fighter, don’t allow yourself to be cornered and then peppered by Crossbow bolts or magical blasts. Always leave a venue open to escape out of, or you’ll be overwhelmed and ground under.


Beta Notes

Party Makeup 101: The Balanced Party


Combat: Fighter

Combat: Warrior

Holy: Priest

Magic: Sorcerer/Sorceress


Party Makeup is important: the Classes of Characters in a party determine what that party can and cannot excel at.

The Balanced Party is the most well-rounded party: Excellent Ranged Capability from the Sorcerer/Sorceress, Support and moderate Ranged Capability from the Priest. Damage output is on the Warrior, and the Fighter intercepts any monsters that try to get either the Priest or Sorcerer/Sorceress

Racially, the only significant requirement is that the Warrior be a Race like Gigantes, Vahalyr, or Orc. Otherwise, they won’t be able to disengage and get healing before they go down.


No one is unassigned in this Party: every single Character will be busy busy busy.

Solid offensive front to keep mowing down the bad guys.


Warrior gets most of the Gold.

Requires a good deal of planning and movement arrangement.

Triple Low Def. Score

Total Review

The Balanced Party rests on the Fighter first, followed by the Sorcerer/Sorceress. While the Warrior is out there busting things up, off rolls happen and inevitably the Warrior will need healing. He/she will have to retreat and the Fighter will be fielding the protection for the whole party.

Obviously, this leads to a problem in the HP recover department. Now, you could have either the Warrior or the Fighter outfitted with a Healing Potion instead of their default Ability, but the Warrior can’t lose their Damage per Hit or they’ll flop on the damage department. The Fighter loses a great deal of their endurance if they are running any item other than the Iron Shield.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

The reason for this low score is that too much rests on the Fighter. Now, you could run it with a Knight instead of a Fighter, which is not a shabby idea, but they don’t have the multiple use damage nullification of the Fighter. A Balanced Party makeup is not a bad way to go, but its best if a veteran player is running the Fighter and another is running the Priest. Otherwise, it gets ugly fast.


Beta Notes

New Quest!

Working on getting new Quests up for you awesome players out there. This one, QUEST DEFEAT THE ASH CULTISTS is a really cool one I’m looking forward to running as soon as I wrangle up a Party!

This one is all about fighting the Ash Cult, and it sets up for the next few Quests that are in the works!

Hope y’all like it!

Cheers, and God Bless

Jacob Snow

Beta Notes

Update 3.2: New Mode and nerfing the Blessed

In the wake of the utter destruction of the Undying Horde, I still have more stuff to do. We beta’d the Blessed, and discovered that they were WAY OP (over powered, for those of you who don’t do the initials as much). My sister, Katherine played the Monsters, and hated being on the receiving end of a Character even more powerful than her beloved Warmage. So, the Blessed now have the same 2 HP limit the Warmage does, and loses one off their Range (reducing them to a R 6). They’re still stupid powerful, but not so much that they can’t be beaten.

Also inspired by tonight’s play session, a new mode comes: Duel Mode. 1v1 Adventurer PvP awesomeness. We discovered who would win in a fight between a Warmage and a (nerfed) Blessed: it was 1 win for each.

Hope this stuff all goes awesome for y’all, and enjoy Update 3.2! God Bless!

Jacob Snow

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New Class: The Blessed

A shower of light and magic rained down on the Bandits, obliterating two of them and making another fall over unconscious. A small village should have posed no problem for men as craven as they, but they hadn’t counted on her being there.

Dressed in a dress of white cloth, cut beautifully and woven masterfully, the woman stood with a staff in one hand and a shield in the other, and behind her glowing blue wings were unfurled. One of the bandits tried to shout a curse at her, but the words died on his tongue. 

Huddled behind her were the villagers that had been so certain they would lose everything. Now, their avenging Arken had come, raining holiness and destruction on those who would take by force what was not theirs.

She raised her staff high above her head, and the night was illuminated by light so bright it made all who saw it avert their eyes. When her rage had abated, no one could tell that the Bandits had ever been there to begin with. As her wings faded and she lowered her staff, the villagers rejoiced that they had been saved. She smiled slightly and returned to the temple to pray.


Finally: a New Holy Class. It took forever, but we finally got one. The Blessed are the top of the Temple attack force: Priests and Crusaders are powerful in their own right, but the Blessed can bring destruction from far away, and do it all with the best Defense Bonus any Ranged Character has naturally.

HOWEVER: don’t think that because the Blessed are so awesome they are invincible: there are weaknesses to every character, and the careless will always find themselves on the verge of disaster.

To find the Blessed’s Stats, go to Character Creator. At the very bottom, they are there.

Cheers, and God Bless!

Jacob Snow.

Beta Notes

Pricing Update for Items

Hello all, Jacob Snow here letting everyone know there have been some major Price reductions in the in-game Item Shop. I’ve been playing with the Monster Bounty update, and I’ve come to realize it would take the better part of WAY too long to make it to 5,000 Gold. Therefore, only total game-changers have prices that high.

It’s good, because I want to be able to get my Characters some new stuff. I’m not much of a quester, so for many of my Characters Items are their sole hope of advancement. Having that in mind as I watch a trickle of gold flow into their hands is enough to drive me batty, and I’m betting it would drive y’all batty too. So, we’ve got lowered prices and more ways to earn gold now!

God Bless!

Jacob Snow

Beta Notes

New Items in Shop

Hello all! Jacob Snow here, letting you all know that there are new Mythic-grade weapons in the shop, one for each Class!

Here, I’ll give a brief descriptor of each Weapon.

1: The Omnivore Chaingun

Omnivore was designed by an evil Dwarf who wanted to make a magical firearm that would never run out of ammo. After fifteen years, Omnivore was complete. Weighing in the arena of 100 pounds, The Omnivore would spontaneously create its own ammunition by absorbing the minerals in the dirt and air around it. the Omnivore is huge, dangerous, and if it starts hitting, it never wants to stop…


2: Lightbringer

A Claymore that was used in the Great Battle of The First War, Lightbringer was used by Irini to strike down the Fallen Queen. Irini imbued it with so much holy energy, that when she struck the Fallen Queen, the Fallen Queen was temporarily struck blind. an ornate Claymore, Lightbringer always glows brightly enough to see by. Its handle is fashioned out of crystal that was enchanted never to break, and its weight is like that of a willow branch.


3: Ashbreaker

Ashbreaker is a dagger with a jagged blade and an impossibly thin tip. Ashbreaker was used by Alain Strongeye to pierce the leg of The General during the Four Day War. Ashbreaker disabled The General’s ability to use Magic, bringing him one step closer to his destruction.


4: Ashari’s Whip

Ashari was an unconventional Sorceress, who preferred fighting her foes face to face rather than blasting away at a distance. She journeyed to a mountaintop and waited for a storm, and when one arrived she reached up and grabbed a bolt of lightning. Fastening it to an enchanted handle, Ashari designed one of the most dreaded magical weapons in all of Albadyn.



God Bless!

Jacob Snow