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The Gladiator/Gladiatrix–New Class


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Okay, the Gladiator/Gladiatrix: we wanted a build that reflected the ancient Roman gladiators but didn’t focus in too heavily on the historicity. The Albadynian Gladiators, therefore, are more like the WWE/Lucha Underground fighters: they fight for real, but physically destroying their opponent is not the primary goal: making it a good show is.

So how do we make that reflect in a game? Entertaining others is kinda complicated to translate into gameplay terms without making it an AoE Buff… all allies in range X get +1 to Attack? Makes no sense: Gladiators didn’t make others improve, they entertained them same as WWE wrestlers do these days: sure, its violent, but watching it isn’t going to make me more effective in battle: they are highly skilled athletes, but they don’t make me more skilled by association.

So now the problem manifests: how to express “GLADIATORNESS” in gameplay terms. Do we make them offense-oriented monsters? That sounds fun. Gladiators were well rounded, though: while not a heavily armored as Knights, they knew how to keep themselves safe while also knowing how to wreck their opponent.


How about… a unique finish… I’VE GOT IT!

Normal Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +6A/6D. Deal 3 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, gain 1 HP. Usable Twice per Battle.


Legendary Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +6A/6D. Deal 3 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, gain 2 HP. Usable Twice per Battle.


Mythic Gladiator/Gladiatrix: +7A/7D. Deal 5 Damage to a Foe: if this Vanquishes the Foe, you are restored to full HP. Usable Twice per Battle.

This taps the For Honor field, with the executions gaining more HP. Explanation? The rush of pulling off this brutal finisher re-energizes the Gladiator/Gladiatrix, allowing them to continue fighting. Sweeeeet.

Enjoy the new Class, guys and gals: it can be found in the Character Creation section.

Beta Notes

HALF-BLOOD RULES: Character Creation Post

Okay, the Half Elf is a staple in any Fantasy setting. Everybody can think of an Half Elf from a Fantasy Setting they like.

Legends of Albadyn does not have a “half Elf” race expressly. We’ve got no bases covered on that front, as a matter of fact.

So here is how this will work: Half Bloods in Legends of Albadyn are not uncommon, but mostly make no big deal about their mixed parentage. Nobody minds hiring a Half Elf or a Half Orc for a job. To make a Half Blood character, you take its parent races, add their HP together, and divide it by two.

For instance, say I take a Half Blood and say their mom was an Orc and their dad was a Golden Elf. I would add their HPs (8+4=12) and divide them by 2 (12 DIV 2 = 6), and the total would be my Character’s HP. So a Half Elf Half Orc would have 6 HP. In cases of non-even numbers being divided (a Vahalyr and an Orc, adding up to 15, would be 7.5, which leads to an awkward HP limbo where a person has .5 HP…), you always round down, so a Half Vahalyr – Half Orc would have 7 HP.

Now, if your long-time RPG main is a Half Human Half Elf, you now know they would have 5 HP.


Jacob Snow

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Legends of Albadyn Goes VS-Let’s Talk PVP

Today we are going to talk about the new Player VS Player modes coming in Update 6.0, The Guild Update.


Capture is a mode where two teams fight for control of an objective. In the middle of the map you are fighting on is a Relic. If you land adjacent to it, you can use an action to pick it up. At the end of the round limit (pick a number like 6 or 8), whichever team is holding the relic wins. If you get hit while holding the relic, you drop it in a square adjacent to you.

This mode has been beta’d on our YouTube Channel (Legends of Albadyn) and it is so much fun. I love it, really. Strategy becomes key: do you rush in and grab the objective or do you go in with a plan and risk letting the enemy grab it first? Also, it can lead to some pretty impressive Clutch moments, in which it is the final round and one team desperately battles for control of the Relic.

Competitive Excursion

Competitive Excursion is a completely different creature. Two teams (each belonging to a different Guild) start at opposite sides of the map. In the middle? Three dice worth of Monsters. Every Damage dealt is 1 Point for your team (meaning successful Warriors can rack up points fairly quickly).

When all Monsters are defeated, points are added up and the team with the highest points wins. There is, however, a wrinkle. If one member of one team attacks a member of the enemy team, all bets are off, and it becomes a Last-Man-Standing affair in which only the team that survives is victorious.

This mode was also tested on our YouTube channel, and it can be pretty intense. If your team is behind in points, do you risk aggro-ing the enemy team for a chance to win by clearing the board, or do you try to make up the difference? Do you teleport to your opponents side as a Rook and steal some of their points, or do you open up by pummeling anything that moves? The possibilities are endless.

Guild War

Guild War is a deathmatch. Two teams from two guilds wager an amount of Gold from their Guild Coffer and battle to see who wins the pot.

I have yet to test this mode yet, and I will be honest, I am concerned that the tilt will be toward players who have played for longer due to Skills and Ability power up. A Mythic Ability is really strong, and Mythic Players will have 3 Skills. New Characters will only have 1. That could be a balancing problem.

The good news is that YouTube will not be getting the Guild War BatRep: this website will. Look out for it!

That’s what’s been going on here in development land.


Jacob Snow

Beta Notes

New Monsters Have Arrived

Hello everyone! Part of Update 6.0 (the Guild Update) is cranking out some new Modes, Classes, and, you guessed it, Monsters. In addition to the Guild System, we’re unleashing a bevy of new content for you all to enjoy.

The new Monsters that have rolled out so far are as follows:

Ashen: The Ashen Hunter, Ashen Skell, Ashen ‘Sploder and Ashen Sentry Sphere.

Bandits: Goblin Gutcutter, Goblin Stoneslinger, Goblin Nogginwacker and Goblin Bullrusher. In addition, a new Boss has arrived: The Savage Troll. It’s a big bad regenerating beastie that will really strain an Adventuring Party’s Damage output.

We’ll have more Monsters coming out soon, but that’s it for now. Click on Bestiary to see what’s what!


Jacob Snow

Beta Notes, Discussion

Let’s Talk Shadow Gold.

When Legends of Albadyn was still in development, there was a debate between myself and one of the test players about the Shadow Gold system. They thought that Shadow Gold was unnecessary and brought too much complication to the game.

I stubbed up: I was determined to have the system in and that was that. Despite repeated attempts to persuade me to leave it out, I wired it in anyhow and then published the game after some time had passed and everything was together.

It has now been almost a year and a half, and I am REALLY on the fence as to whether or not it belongs in the game or not.

My intentions were good, please understand: I wanted the Event Coordinator to have some unlockables too, and some form of advancement. It seemed like such a good idea.

However, as I play by myself quite often, I came to realize that the Shadow Gold system is really quite cumbersome to use, and without constant access to an Event Coordinator’s HandBook or an open web browser, none of the mods really see use. Granted, when I have used them, it has been pretty fun, but as I do not like going “Wait, let me check” and grabbing my mobile device at every opportunity, they are rarely used. I have (Depressingly enough) not gotten one of MY OWN BOOKS yet, so I have no legitimate way of using the system.

Worse still, I keep losing how much Shadow Gold I have! Keeping track of it has been a nightmare consistently. But that might just be the result of playing four characters AND all the Monsters AND keeping track of my Adventurer’s Gold accumulation, which is done by keeping tally of what monsters I’ve slain and ambling over to my computer to see how much money we made. I’m my own accountant!

So what do I do? Do I remove it? Do I revamp it? Do I leave it alone? Advice is welcome, because I just don’t know what to do.

Until next time!

Jacob Snow


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BETA TESTERS ALERT: Now Classes Underway

Hello Legends of Albadyn Community! I need some help up in here. While I am going to be conducting personal Beta Testing as well, I have three shiny new Classes that need to be tested, and you lucky people have been nominated to try them in their current, raw, untested form. We’re getting two Holy Classes and one Class that will either land Shadow or Combat.

Here’s the rundown.

The Gunslinger (Shadow/Combat)

With firearms gaining more mainstream usage as Adventurers seek ranged weapons that will testify to their power, gun aficionados are becoming a class all their own. While firearms are still prohibitively expensive, many noble families are choosing people to become Gunslingers and gain fame (and money) for the family they serve.

Gunslingers cannot shoot past their allies, which makes them slightly less powerful than the Archer, but due to the fact that they do not have to grab ammunition, load it, and then fire, they can attack the instant they see an opponent, making them good at manning the front line as well as supporting from the back.

Gunslinger Stats: RAW BETA FORM


Bonuses: +6A/5D, R5 at Normal, +7A/5D, R6 at Legendary, and +7A/6D R6 at Mythic

Ability at Normal: Whenever a Foe enters your Range on their turn, make an Attack at them. Limit 2 Free Attacks per Round.

Ability at Legendary: Whenever a Foe enters your Range on their Turn, make an Attack at them. If it Hits, you deal 2 Damage. Limit 2 Free Attacks per Round.

Ability at Mythic: Whenever a Foe enters your Range, make an Attack at them. If it Hits, deal 2 Damage.

(Updated: the Gunslinger was WAY overpowered in initial testing. They mowed down anything that got near them, which while it was awesome, was very frustrating for the Event Coordinator. Updated with a built-in limit on how many free attacks you can get in a Round)

The Monk

Martial artists who excel at raining down punishing blows on their opponents, Monks are holy defenders from the Lands of the Amaresu. Capable of punching opponents through walls, floors, or trees, a single punch from a Monk can leave a foe incapacitated and dazed, ripe for taking down by either the Monk or their allies.

While a Monk’s punches can get more powerful, when the become Adventurers they are already at the peak of their game.



Bonuses: +6A/6D FIXED (This means that the Bonuses do not level up, but can still be boosted by allies or events.

Ability at Normal: Stun an Adjacent Enemy. X2 Uses per Battle.

Ability at Legendary: Stun an Adjacent Enemy. They take 2 Damage. X2 Uses per Battle.

Ability at Mythic: Stun an Adjacent Enemy for 2 Rounds. They take 3 Damage. X2 Uses per Battle.


The Paladin

Paladins are closely related to Crusaders, but their inner Holy Energy is channeled a different way: while Crusaders are dedicated to eradicating evil wherever it may lurk, Paladins are dedicated to exploring the world and helping people with their problems. Whether by helping a farmer plow his field or by helping a town with a Bandit problem, Paladins are helpful and powerful allies to have.

Paladin Stats: RAW BETA FORM


Bonuses: +6A/6D at Normal, +7A/6D at Legendary, and +7A/7D at Mythic

Ability at Normal: Boost an Ally’s A-Bonus by +1 for the rest of the Battle. X1 Use.

Ability at Legendary: Boost an Ally’s A-Bonus by +1 for the rest of the Battle. X4 Uses. Cannot Stack. (That means you cannot drop all four uses on a single character: any character can only be Boosted once.)

Ability at Mythic: Boost an Ally’s A/D-Bonuses by +2 for the Rest of the Battle. X2 Uses. Cannot Stack

Copyright Jacob Snow 2018

Please test play them at any power level and then comment back here what you think!

God bless, and may your adventures end in Victory!

Jacob Snow

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About your Present… It mutated.

Not sure how many of you will remember my Christmas post, which was posted a bit after Christmas. In it I gave you a ticket to Mythic Level for your Character, as well as the poorly named Mythic Statuses.

Well, your gift has mutated. Apparently it was a bit past its prime. Sorry about that.

You still get to rocket to Mythic level, the Mythic Statuses are (mercifully) no more: now you have MYTHIC SKILLS (cue epic music and thunder). You still have to KO a Fallen Knight to get a Silver Token for any character but the one you used your Present on, but that one Character can now get that Mythic Skill, allowing them to keep their original ability. Yeah: the mutated version is better.

So in short, your present was cool, but now it is awesome. Enjoy, and may all your adventures end in victory.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow