The New Improved BESTIARY

The New Event Coordinator System is here! Earn Shadow Gold, purchase Monsters and Items, and be an awesome Event Coordinator!

Here’s how it works.

Vanquish 1 Normal Adventurer: 200 Shadow Gold

Vanquish 1 Legendary Adventurer: 400 Shadow Gold

Vanquish 1 Mythic Adventurer: 600 Shadow Gold

Wipe the Party: 1,000 Shadow Gold

Lose a Skirmish (The Adventurers win): 200 Shadow Gold

Lose a Raid: 400 Shadow Gold

Lose an Excursion: 1,000 Shadow Gold

Lose a Siege: 1,500 Shadow Gold.


Costs for Legendary and Mythic Grade Monsters are listed here:

Legendary Monster: 1,000 Shadow Gold

Mythic Monster: 2,000 Shadow Gold

Shadow Legion Battalion: 6,000 Shadow Gold

Since it just happened, as a bonus I’m giving all Event Coordinators 2,000 Shadow Gold for the purpose of purchasing Monsters, Items, or Hoarding shamelessly. (Items are found in the Item Shops tab on the menu)

NEW! The Shadow Legion arrives! The first group, The Warfare Battalion, is now available for purchase. Go to the bottom of this page to find their stats and other cool stuff. You purchase all of them at one time, and since they are so very utterly powerful, they are very expensive.


Monster Name and Level Monster HP Monster Bonuses Monster Ability Monster Level Monster Bounty
Void Cult Initiate-Minion 1 +5A/5D N/A Normal 10G
Void Cultist-Minion 2 +6A/5D, R4 N/A Normal 15G
Void Conjurer-Minion 4 +6A/6D, R5 Bring 1 Grem into Battle Adjacent to you. X1 Use. Normal 200G
Grem-Minion 1 +8A/5D If Grem Hits an Adventurer, their Bonuses are reduced to 1 until Grem is Vanquished. Normal 100G
Ashen Hunter 3 +6A/6D Choose a Class: Ashen Hunter deals +1 Damage to that Class. Normal 200G
Ashen Skell 1 +9A/6D Knockback 3 Normal 100G
Ashen ‘Sploder 1 +6A/3D When Ashen ‘Sploder is Vanquished, deal 2 Damage to anything Adjacent to it. Normal 100G
Ashen Sentry Sphere 4 +7A/7D, R7 Ashen Sentry Sphere is Immune to Magic-Type Characters. Normal 300G
Ashen Legionnaire-Minion 4 +7A/7D Deal 1 Damage to an Adventurer Freely. R4 Lose 1 HP every time you use this Ability. Normal 200G
Void Acolyte-Boss 8 +7A/4D, R5 A1: Turn an Adventurer into a Monster until Void Acolyte is Vanquished. A2: Whenever you Hit a Character (friend or Foe), deal 1 DMG to each Adjacent Character. Normal 1,000G
Ashen Captain-MYTHIC Boss 20 +8A/6D Move an Adventurer anywhere in a straight line from where they are now and deal 3 Damage to them. X2 Uses. Normal 2,000G
Ashen Servitor-Minion 3 +6A/7D, R5 +1 HP for each Void Cult Initiate in Battle. Legendary 40G, +10G for each Void Cult Initiate AT START of Battle.
Ashen Gnasher-Minion 4 +8A/4D +1 HP whenever Ashen Gnasher Hits a Character (Friend or Foe). May exceed Max HP. Legendary 200G
Ashen Auramancer-Minion 4 +5A/5D, R6 Switch the Ability of 1 Adventurer with another Adventurer. X1 Use. Legendary 300G
Ashen Wight-Minion 1 +7A/2D Move Anywhere. X4 Uses. Legendary 200G
Ashen Monument-Boss 5 +0/7 At the start of each Round, bring 2 Ashen Wights into Battle Adjacent to the Ashen Monument. Legendary 3,000G
Infernas Darkblade- Mythic Personage 8 +7A/6D If Infernas Hits a Foe, he gets +1 Free Action for Attacking. Normal 5,000G
The General-Mythic Personage 45 +7/5 Whenever The General is reduced by 5HP, bring 4 Ashen Wights into Battle. Mythic 20,000G per Adventurer.



Monster Name and Type Monster HP Monster Bonuses Monster Ability Monster Level Requirement Bounty
Highwayman-Minion 1 +5A/6D N/A



Normal 10G
Crossbowman-Minion 2 +7A/5D, R4 May Shoot past 1 Occupied Square. X4 Uses Normal 15G
Goblin Gutcutter-Minion 1 +7A/3D N/A Normal 5G
Goblin Stoneslinger-Minion 1 +6A/4D, R4 N/A Normal 5G
Goblin Nogginwacker-Minion 1 +8A/2D If Goblin Nogginwacker Hits a Foe, Stun them. Normal 10G
Goblin Bullrusher-Minion 2 +6A/4D Move any number of Squares. Deal 2 Damage to the first thing you become Adj. to. X2 Uses Normal 25G
Marauder-Minion 3 +6A/6D Deals 2 Damage per Hit. Normal 25G
Bandit Spellcaster-Minion 2 +6A/4D, R8 If Bandit Spellcaster Hits a Foe, they go back 1 Square. Normal 50G
Trollkin Marauder-Minion 4 +6A/6D If Trollkin Marauder is Damaged, +1 HP at the start of his Turn. Normal 50G
Bandit Jester-Minion 2 +0A/7D All Foes must move toward and Attack Bandit Jester until He is Vanquished. Normal 150G
Fallen Knight-Boss



7 +7A/7D If Fallen Knight Hits a Foe, they lose their next Turn. Normal 500G
Savage Troll-Boss 8 +8A/4D Savage Troll gains 2 HP at the start of each Monster Turn. Cannot exceed 8 HP. Normal 800G
Deforestation Golem-Mythic Boss 14 +9A/6D Deal 7 Damage to an ADJ Foe. Usable Twice per Battle. Normal 1,000G
Bandit Thug-Minion 1 +6A/4D 2 Damage per Hit. Legendary 25G
Bandit Rifleman-Minion 1 +8A/4D, R6 N/A Legendary 50G
Bandit Assassin-Minion


2 +6A/6D Reduce an Adventurer to 1 HP. X1 Use. Legendary 100G
Gunnery Juggernaut-Boss


6 +8A/5D, R6 Gunnery Juggernaut starts Battle with 3 Bandit Thugs. Legendary 1,000G
Bandit Warrunner-Mythic Boss 10 +8/8 Ignore all Adventurer Abilities. Legendary 2,500G
Bandit Runner-Minion 2 +6/6 Bandit Runner may move 2 Squares with 1 Action. Mythic 15G
Bandit Dreadnaught-Minion 4 +7/7 Ignore 1-3 Damage. Usable 5 times per Battle. Mythic 50G
Arisia, Fallen Aristocrat-Mythic Personage 6 +6/8 Knock a Foe back 4 Squares in a Straight Line. X 5 Uses. Mythic 1,200G
Igrane, Queen of the Horde 8 +8/6 Bring 4 Highwaymen into Battle Adjacent to Igrane. X5 Uses. Mythic 5,000G


Shadow Legion Battalion One: The Warfare Battalion


The Warfare Battalion of the Shadow Legion is led by Ashan Duskwalker, a former Adventurer whose anger and thirst for violence drove him from the path of the light. As an Elite Knight, Ashan Duskwalker can endure punishment no other person reasonably could.

The men and women under Ashan’s command are trained to work together, be aggressive but disciplined, and to give no mercy or quarter. They know they will not receive any.


(In order to use any of the Warfare Battalion Monsters, the entire Battalion must be purchased. This is a one-time purchase and has one price tag. Future Battalions will be issued this same way.)

Monster Name and Grade. Monster HP Monster Bonuses Monster Ability Monster Level Monster Bounty
Shadow Legionnaire (Sword and Shield)


2 +7A/6D N/A Normal 25 Gold.
Shadow Legionnaire (Javelins)


2 +7A/6D,

Range 5

N/A Normal 25 Gold
Shadow Captain


2 +8A/7D All Shadow Legionnaires have +1 Action while Shadow Captain is UnVanquished. Shadow Captain has 4 Actions per Turn. Normal 100 Gold
Ashan, the Shadow Centurion


6 +8A/8D Ashan is Invincible for 1 Full Round. Usable Freely 3 Times per Battle. Normal 2,500 Gold.