Animals and Mounts (BETA)

Hello everyone! Jacob Snow here, bringing the much anticipated Pet System to Albadyn. Animals are (limit 1 per Adventurer) companions for Adventurers who like critters. We’ve included logical picks, and not so logical picks, just for the folks who prefer their pets a little more unconventional.

Mounts, on the other hand, are a special case. Each Mount has a Bonus that it ADDS TO your existing Attack Bonus. If you are Mounted, you start on your mount, and when you reach Half HP (Rounded Down), your Mount is… well, it awakens at the Temple and we’ll leave it at that. Any Bonus granted by a Mount is lost when it is… you get it.

Hope  you enjoy the new system!

God Bless!



Wolf: 3 HP, +6/5

Coyote: 3 HP, +6/6

Hyena: 2 HP, +7/4

Fox: 2 HP, +6/6

Cat: 2 HP, +5/5


Spider: 1 HP, +7/3

Rodent of some sort: 2 HP, +5/7

Bat: 2 HP, +5/6


Sparrow: 1 HP, +5/5

Falcon: 2 HP, +6/5



Fairy Dragon: 4 HP, +6.5/5

Phoenix: 3 HP, +7/7





Dunnish Horse: +2A, +2 Movement per Action (MPA).

Warhorse: +5A, +2 HP

Krisharan Camel: +2A, +1 MPA.

Warg: +7A, -2 HP.



Griffon: +4A, +4 MPA

Dragonling: +10A, +4 HP.