Legends of Albadyn BatRep: Solo Run Raid

Character: Aja Whiteshield (Legendary Human Fighter)

Player: Jacob Snow

Event Coordinator: Jacob Snow

Monster Faction: Bandits



Monsters: 1 Crossbowman, X2 Bandit Thugs

Moderately sized room, with lots of room to maneuver. Aja lost Initiative, and one of the Thugs situated himself three squares away. Aja, never one to turn down a relatively easy kill, leapt forward and ran her short sword into his mid. Then, DISASTER!

The Crossbowman had situated himself in a manner that, had Aja gone to engage the Thug, would put her in his sights. He fired off three bolts, but only one Hit her, reducing her to five HP.

the other Thug had an utterly uneventful run, and Aja ended him before swooping down on the Crossbowman. She used a Shield Block to stop his one attack that got through, and she smashed him with her shield.


Monsters: 1 Crossbowman, X2 Highwaymen, X2 Bandit Thugs.

Aja lost Initiative again and the Highwaymen swooped in, one of them scoring a Hit. the Crossbowman moved and fired, but his bolt missed. Aja brought down both of the Highwaymen and moved out of range of the Crossbowman. One of the thugs moved close enough to engage and struck, but she used her Shield Block to stop it. The Crossbowman fired off another barrage after positioning himself, and Aja used her last Shield Block to stop it. Then the Thug swung and Hit, and Aja had only two HP.

After some fast movement, Aja brought down the Thugs and the Crossbowman, who had a stroke of luck and reduced her to 1 HP.


Aja only had one HP at this point. and a 7 HP Fallen Knight was standing at the other end of the room. She finally wins Initiative and moves forward 1 Square, getting close enough that, if the Fallen Knight charged, she would be able to get him. He did, and she leapt forward, scoring a Hit out of three Attacks.

The Knight hit with his first Action, blowing through her shield, her forearm, and her collarbone. Aja dissolved into glittery light and awoke in the Temple with a aching arm and mild chest pain.


I learned how far a lone Character can go. Sure, I made some mistakes as both Player and Event coordinator, but ultimately it came to the conclusion I had dreaded: Aja would make it to the Boss Room, but would perish inside it. Without her usual support of a Priest, her hubby Orijen Whiteshield, the Legendary Golden Elf Priest, she just couldn’t stay ahead of her injuries.

Until next time!

Jacob Snow


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