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New Class: The Blessed

A shower of light and magic rained down on the Bandits, obliterating two of them and making another fall over unconscious. A small village should have posed no problem for men as craven as they, but they hadn’t counted on her being there.

Dressed in a dress of white cloth, cut beautifully and woven masterfully, the woman stood with a staff in one hand and a shield in the other, and behind her glowing blue wings were unfurled. One of the bandits tried to shout a curse at her, but the words died on his tongue. 

Huddled behind her were the villagers that had been so certain they would lose everything. Now, their avenging Arken had come, raining holiness and destruction on those who would take by force what was not theirs.

She raised her staff high above her head, and the night was illuminated by light so bright it made all who saw it avert their eyes. When her rage had abated, no one could tell that the Bandits had ever been there to begin with. As her wings faded and she lowered her staff, the villagers rejoiced that they had been saved. She smiled slightly and returned to the temple to pray.


Finally: a New Holy Class. It took forever, but we finally got one. The Blessed are the top of the Temple attack force: Priests and Crusaders are powerful in their own right, but the Blessed can bring destruction from far away, and do it all with the best Defense Bonus any Ranged Character has naturally.

HOWEVER: don’t think that because the Blessed are so awesome they are invincible: there are weaknesses to every character, and the careless will always find themselves on the verge of disaster.

To find the Blessed’s Stats, go to Character Creator. At the very bottom, they are there.

Cheers, and God Bless!

Jacob Snow.


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