Important Note: About Character Mortality

Everyone remembers Boromir, right? I remember watching Sean Bean bite it after Lurtz tagged him with like, a dozen arrows, and crying my eyes out. He was my favorite character, and unlike Gandalf, he wouldn’t be back.

Legends of Albadyn is a hard game: I’ve had numerous total party wipes that have ended runs that were almost successful. I’ve watched my Character’s HP drop to zero dozens of times. Legends of Albadyn isn’t like D&D: the Event Coordinator is actively trying to wipe out the Players.

So if Character Death was permanent, I’ll be honest: this game would suck.

So I worked it into the lore of the world, but not clearly enough, as a would be player never played for fear of losing their Characters forever.

Every Adventurer takes an amulet from the Temple: The Amulet of Recall. If you die while wearing The Amulet of Recall, your dire injuries are healed and you wake up in the Temple, woozy, but alive and well. If you went down due to a claymore hit to the skull, you wake up in the temple with a headache, but nothing more. It takes it a step away from reality, yes, but I’ll be darned if Aja dies in a Skirmish and I can never play her again.

Now, if you want to perma-kill your Character, go right ahead, but know that your HP dropping to zero won’t trigger any Sword Art Online-esque death sequences: you’ll poof back to the Temple fine and dandy. You won’t be in that Battle anymore, but you’ll be alive.

Hope that clears up a small misunderstanding, because I can’t have my awesome Albadyn Players scrapping their characters because a Marauder got lucky with his dice.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


One thought on “Important Note: About Character Mortality

  1. Katherine Snow says:

    That was hilarious. A Dark Souls experience WOULD be terrible. If I felt like going up against a brick wall every time, I’d still be playing Legend of Zelda on my WII.
    Love the post! You are so funny!

    Liked by 1 person

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