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UPDATE 4.0 and some really big news

Hello all! Jacob Snow here, telling you all about Update 4.0, possibly the largest update yet. The Bestiary and Event Coordinator system have been revamped, with rewards worked in for Event Coordinators so they don’t get depressed: just playing Monsters and getting beaten all the time is terrible for morale.

Event Coordinators also have items to purchase, whether 1-time enhancements or deathtraps!

But that isn’t the big news. Oh but no. The big news is that LEGENDS OF ALBADYN HAS A PLAYERS HANDBOOK ON AMAZON!!! Handbook exclusive Items for Adventurers are in those pages, as well as a hard copy of the Player system for you to have with you everywhere!

We also have an Event Coordinator’s Handbook with some exclusive tips and tricks straight from my EC Playbook! To find the Players Handbook, simply click


However, due to some formatting issues and balancing problems, the Event Coordinator’s Handbook is temporarily unavailable, but in a few days it should be. Just search Legends of Albadyn and you’ll be good to go!

These two books contain everything you need to know to start playing Legends of Albadyn, and they are full of cool extras not found online!

May your Legends continue!

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


The New Improved BESTIARY

The New Event Coordinator System is here! Earn Shadow Gold, purchase Monsters and Items, and be an awesome Event Coordinator!

Here’s how it works.

Vanquish 1 Normal Adventurer: 200 Shadow Gold

Vanquish 1 Legendary Adventurer: 400 Shadow Gold

Vanquish 1 Mythic Adventurer: 600 Shadow Gold

Wipe the Party: 1,000 Shadow Gold

Lose a Skirmish (The Adventurers win): 200 Shadow Gold

Lose a Raid: 400 Shadow Gold

Lose an Excursion: 1,000 Shadow Gold

Lose a Siege: 1,500 Shadow Gold.


Costs for Legendary and Mythic Grade Monsters are listed here:

Legendary Monster: 1,000 Shadow Gold

Mythic Monster: 2,000 Shadow Gold

Shadow Legion Battalion: 6,000 Shadow Gold

Since it just happened, as a bonus I’m giving all Event Coordinators 2,000 Shadow Gold for the purpose of purchasing Monsters, Items, or Hoarding shamelessly. (Items are found in the Item Shops tab on the menu)

NEW! The Shadow Legion arrives! The first group, The Warfare Battalion, is now available for purchase. Go to the bottom of this page to find their stats and other cool stuff. You purchase all of them at one time, and since they are so very utterly powerful, they are very expensive.


Monster Name and Level Monster HP Monster Bonuses Monster Ability Monster Level Monster Bounty
Void Cult Initiate-Minion 1 +5A/5D N/A Normal 10G
Void Cultist-Minion 2 +6A/5D, R4 N/A Normal 15G
Void Conjurer-Minion 4 +6A/6D, R5 Bring 1 Grem into Battle Adjacent to you. X1 Use. Normal 200G
Grem-Minion 1 +8A/5D If Grem Hits an Adventurer, their Bonuses are reduced to 1 until Grem is Vanquished. Normal 100G
Ashen Hunter 3 +6A/6D Choose a Class: Ashen Hunter deals +1 Damage to that Class. Normal 200G
Ashen Skell 1 +9A/6D Knockback 3 Normal 100G
Ashen ‘Sploder 1 +6A/3D When Ashen ‘Sploder is Vanquished, deal 2 Damage to anything Adjacent to it. Normal 100G
Ashen Sentry Sphere 4 +7A/7D, R7 Ashen Sentry Sphere is Immune to Magic-Type Characters. Normal 300G
Ashen Legionnaire-Minion 4 +7A/7D Deal 1 Damage to an Adventurer Freely. R4 Lose 1 HP every time you use this Ability. Normal 200G
Void Acolyte-Boss 8 +7A/4D, R5 A1: Turn an Adventurer into a Monster until Void Acolyte is Vanquished. A2: Whenever you Hit a Character (friend or Foe), deal 1 DMG to each Adjacent Character. Normal 1,000G
Ashen Captain-MYTHIC Boss 20 +8A/6D Move an Adventurer anywhere in a straight line from where they are now and deal 3 Damage to them. X2 Uses. Normal 2,000G
Ashen Servitor-Minion 3 +6A/7D, R5 +1 HP for each Void Cult Initiate in Battle. Legendary 40G, +10G for each Void Cult Initiate AT START of Battle.
Ashen Gnasher-Minion 4 +8A/4D +1 HP whenever Ashen Gnasher Hits a Character (Friend or Foe). May exceed Max HP. Legendary 200G
Ashen Auramancer-Minion 4 +5A/5D, R6 Switch the Ability of 1 Adventurer with another Adventurer. X1 Use. Legendary 300G
Ashen Wight-Minion 1 +7A/2D Move Anywhere. X4 Uses. Legendary 200G
Ashen Monument-Boss 5 +0/7 At the start of each Round, bring 2 Ashen Wights into Battle Adjacent to the Ashen Monument. Legendary 3,000G
Infernas Darkblade- Mythic Personage 8 +7A/6D If Infernas Hits a Foe, he gets +1 Free Action for Attacking. Normal 5,000G
The General-Mythic Personage 45 +7/5 Whenever The General is reduced by 5HP, bring 4 Ashen Wights into Battle. Mythic 20,000G per Adventurer.



Monster Name and Type Monster HP Monster Bonuses Monster Ability Monster Level Requirement Bounty
Highwayman-Minion 1 +5A/6D N/A



Normal 10G
Crossbowman-Minion 2 +7A/5D, R4 May Shoot past 1 Occupied Square. X4 Uses Normal 15G
Goblin Gutcutter-Minion 1 +7A/3D N/A Normal 5G
Goblin Stoneslinger-Minion 1 +6A/4D, R4 N/A Normal 5G
Goblin Nogginwacker-Minion 1 +8A/2D If Goblin Nogginwacker Hits a Foe, Stun them. Normal 10G
Goblin Bullrusher-Minion 2 +6A/4D Move any number of Squares. Deal 2 Damage to the first thing you become Adj. to. X2 Uses Normal 25G
Marauder-Minion 3 +6A/6D Deals 2 Damage per Hit. Normal 25G
Bandit Spellcaster-Minion 2 +6A/4D, R8 If Bandit Spellcaster Hits a Foe, they go back 1 Square. Normal 50G
Trollkin Marauder-Minion 4 +6A/6D If Trollkin Marauder is Damaged, +1 HP at the start of his Turn. Normal 50G
Bandit Jester-Minion 2 +0A/7D All Foes must move toward and Attack Bandit Jester until He is Vanquished. Normal 150G
Fallen Knight-Boss



7 +7A/7D If Fallen Knight Hits a Foe, they lose their next Turn. Normal 500G
Savage Troll-Boss 8 +8A/4D Savage Troll gains 2 HP at the start of each Monster Turn. Cannot exceed 8 HP. Normal 800G
Deforestation Golem-Mythic Boss 14 +9A/6D Deal 7 Damage to an ADJ Foe. Usable Twice per Battle. Normal 1,000G
Bandit Thug-Minion 1 +6A/4D 2 Damage per Hit. Legendary 25G
Bandit Rifleman-Minion 1 +8A/4D, R6 N/A Legendary 50G
Bandit Assassin-Minion


2 +6A/6D Reduce an Adventurer to 1 HP. X1 Use. Legendary 100G
Gunnery Juggernaut-Boss


6 +8A/5D, R6 Gunnery Juggernaut starts Battle with 3 Bandit Thugs. Legendary 1,000G
Bandit Warrunner-Mythic Boss 10 +8/8 Ignore all Adventurer Abilities. Legendary 2,500G
Bandit Runner-Minion 2 +6/6 Bandit Runner may move 2 Squares with 1 Action. Mythic 15G
Bandit Dreadnaught-Minion 4 +7/7 Ignore 1-3 Damage. Usable 5 times per Battle. Mythic 50G
Arisia, Fallen Aristocrat-Mythic Personage 6 +6/8 Knock a Foe back 4 Squares in a Straight Line. X 5 Uses. Mythic 1,200G
Igrane, Queen of the Horde 8 +8/6 Bring 4 Highwaymen into Battle Adjacent to Igrane. X5 Uses. Mythic 5,000G


Shadow Legion Battalion One: The Warfare Battalion


The Warfare Battalion of the Shadow Legion is led by Ashan Duskwalker, a former Adventurer whose anger and thirst for violence drove him from the path of the light. As an Elite Knight, Ashan Duskwalker can endure punishment no other person reasonably could.

The men and women under Ashan’s command are trained to work together, be aggressive but disciplined, and to give no mercy or quarter. They know they will not receive any.


(In order to use any of the Warfare Battalion Monsters, the entire Battalion must be purchased. This is a one-time purchase and has one price tag. Future Battalions will be issued this same way.)

Monster Name and Grade. Monster HP Monster Bonuses Monster Ability Monster Level Monster Bounty
Shadow Legionnaire (Sword and Shield)


2 +7A/6D N/A Normal 25 Gold.
Shadow Legionnaire (Javelins)


2 +7A/6D,

Range 5

N/A Normal 25 Gold
Shadow Captain


2 +8A/7D All Shadow Legionnaires have +1 Action while Shadow Captain is UnVanquished. Shadow Captain has 4 Actions per Turn. Normal 100 Gold
Ashan, the Shadow Centurion


6 +8A/8D Ashan is Invincible for 1 Full Round. Usable Freely 3 Times per Battle. Normal 2,500 Gold.




Book Review: The Allies Family and Friends by Dakota Love

A brand new Comic Book series available on Amazon.com, the Allies is a Comic Book I can actually read to a five year old!


Plot (Books 1-4): Great

The first four volumes of The Allies: Family and Friends, deals with the formatory experience of the eponymous team: a group of folks meet at a powwow and fight ancient evil. Trippin, right? The team is multicultural in a way we never see in the big comics: a Cherokee-Jewish girl, several Native Americans, some India Indians, and more! Diversity like this I’ve never seen, y’all.

The Cleric is trying to get a Bible in a Native American Language to the tribe it belongs to, and a bad lady named Mantra wants this stopped.

The heroes meet in an unconventional way, and are immediately… ERADICATED BY ANCIENT EVIL! No, not really, but almost… It’s really well done, pacing is slow but mounting, and it concludes in a proper manner.

Characters: Exceptional

Can’t complain about the Characters: the Allies are diverse (as seen above),  I’ll give a brief spoiler-free description of each one:

Ranger: A middle aged dude with shapeshifting powers: he turns into different animals. He’s kinda gruff, but he’s a good dude. He’s the next Character’s Dad, but nonsterotypical: he’s dad-joke free.

Amethyst: A teenager with the power to take on the properties of different rocks. She also has the power to generate barriers and other cool stuff. She’s perky and amusing, not crossing the line to the obnoxious teen almost every series is afflicted with: she’s not broody, she’s not bubble-gum-brained, she’s awesome.

Fireangel: Chick with fire powers and flight. She’s married to The Paladin, and she’s a nice lady who is encouraging to those around her.

Paladin: Dude with spontaneous sword and armor generation: he makes weapons and armor for himself poof out of thin air. If I had a beef with anyone, it was this guy: he’s a bit too insecure. He’s an online College Professor, and he spends, like, two pages talking about how awesome online college is, only to worry he wasn’t thorough enough. DUDE! The only thing he didn’t give her was a phone number for the college! Still, he’s a cool character.

Wind: Native American lady with wind powers (obviously). She’s smart, cool, but she worries a bit. She’s The Warrior’s sister.

The Warrior: Native American dude with the same powers as his sister: they work together and have a great sibling relationship.

Shakti: One of the main characters of this story arc, Shakti has super strength, amazing powers, and is the mom of The Cleric. She’s one of the strongest characters, because her maternal side balances out her incredible strength. She keeps her family safe and does it all with a cool accent (I assume).

The Cleric: The main man on this story arc: The Cleric is a Franciscan Dark Elf/Hindi Monk named Krishna. I know, right? He is seriously English Second Language, as almost all of his speech bubbles are transliterated Hindi words, which are almost always translated in the same or adjacent frame. He has healing powers, and is the main lead.

The Cavalier: Shakti’s husband, the Cavalier has no powers, but he has a cool car, and is a VAMPIRE! Guess the no powers line wasn’t quite accurate. For more info on him, check out DeSoto’s Revenge (Issue… six) for details. He’s awesome, southern, and dodges the stereotypes nicely (he doesn’t sparkle, thank God.)

Mantra: The main villain, she uses Chaos magic in a mad quest to obliterate the Cleric, and anyone else nearby. She gets a fitting comeuppance, but before she does she keeps the main characters one ragged step ahead of disaster.


Overall Review

the books are hand-drawn and lettered, so no cgi is used here. It’s a manga-esque style, and it doesn’t have anyone wearing a cringe-inducing outfit or being overly muscled (no individual abs, thank you). It’s okay for kids, and it doesn’t have a single death in it: not even a spoik of blood. For real. It’s a-okay! I do have to say that if you want to get in, you have to buy issues 1-4 (out of the available 6) together. As it builds up from page one all the way up to the end, you’ve got to have all four volumes for the best effect.

It’s a good product that’ll cost you 7.99 apiece (US dollars), and each one has around 30 pages with no ads. Compared to other comics, that’s a great value. I know the authoress personally, and she puts a lot of work into these things, and has a lot of cool stuff coming up. If you’re a Christian (or not) and are looking for a great, clean comic series, look no farther: this one’s good.

Cheers, and God Bless!

Jacob Snow


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Legends of Albadyn BatRep: Two Character Raid (6/20/2017)

Sorry this one came out late: had a lot of weird junk going on and am only now having time to blog.


Lucy Blackwing: Vahalyr Warrior (7HP, +7A/4D, 2 Damage per Hit)

Alric: Vahalyr Archer (7HP, +7A/4D, Overshoot 1 (shoot past an occupied square).

Event Coordinator: Jacob

Monster Faction: Bandits


Room 1

Lucy started out as the tank, pulling in with good rolls against mediocre Monsters. It was only five points, so nothing too major. Alric fired off some shots at the Marauder, who stood stock still letting Alric shoot him. Stupid me, forgetting to move the guy. The Highwaymen tagged Lucy twice, though.

Room 2

Better odds this time, with a Trollkin, a Spellcaster, and a few Highwaymen. (think it was… 10 points, not bad for two dice). Lucy dealt with the minions, and Alric blasted the Spellcaster. Nothing overly special happened, aside from Lucy downing the Trollkin in two consecutive rolls.


The Fallen Knight. As both of my Characters only had 4 Defense Bonus, I earnestly had no expectation of making it. Alric pinged the Fallen Knight as he closed in. Then, the Fallen Knight bashed Alric and Lucy, keeping them stunned for a Round. But then Lucy pulled off an amazing Defense: she rolled a 6, and he rolled a 2. He had used two Actions to bash Alric, so she was in the clear. She swung her axe mightily, and it crashed through the Fallen Knight’s malevolent helm, doing incredible damage and winning the day, not to mention a nice, big Bounty.

Lessons Learned

It’s irrelevant how many Characters you’ve got on the table. Even a single Character can win the day: Play it right and you’ll get through. Don’t go into a fail state just because you think its impossible to win: it’s always possible, even when you’re facing a three point Bonus difference.

Cheers, God Bless, and Keep on Playing.

Jacob Snow




Book Review: Beautiful by Rose Love

It isn’t a big book: 116 pages. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but boy howdy is a lot of content sandwiched between its covers. Available on Amazon.com, Beautiful is a fairy tale full of interesting characters, a villain with a god-complex, and a lovely romantic tale that is okay for folks of all ages.

The Plot: 9/10

The plot is exceptional. Take one heck of a villain, and watch from the sidelines as she does her thing. Our little party of heroes are unusual, and take cues from an elderly lady who knows what they’re thinking. There are a lot of moments where she responds to what was narrated a moment before, which are some of my favorite parts in the story. The heroes are not fully detailed, and that is part of what makes the world of Beautiful come alive: it is like meeting a person for the first time: they have their own life and story, and you are coming into that story part way. No epic backstories are given (with one late game exception), and no hands are held. Just like the real world, you are dropped into a situation and have to do a little bit of thinking to put everything together.

Just a side note: I think it’s funny that this book, which is so freed from the real, feels so very real.

Carrying on with my assessment of the plot, from the mysterious start to the amusing finish to the “awwwwwww” epilogue, this story keeps it legit the whole way through. The villain is terrifying, but not too much so, the love story is sweet, but not skanky, and most importantly for me, it doesn’t rely on a single tried-and-true plot device. We’re stopping evil with bells, people. No guns, no swords, just a dude in the woods with his bells, holding back evil. This isn’t a spoiler, or indeed entirely accurate, but considering its only 116 pages, I can’t spoil a single thing for fear of ruining your enjoyment of this awesome (and cost effective) book.

Pacing: 7.5/10

I hate to snipe this, but the pacing… God have mercy it goes so fast. It felt like watching the Doctor Strange movie: you’re moving from point A to point B so fast it actually takes effort to slow down and read every word. It’s like a roller coaster that starts at the top and ends at the bottom: nothing but speed between the two ends. Awesome though it is, I wish it had been padded out just a smidgen more. I’m not talking “…and Horation Beldevere ate three portions of 3 3/4 inch potato rounds, one 15 ounce steak, and precisely 45 leaves of lettuce. The lettuce was fresh from the cold field, crisp and green. The steak had been cooked blah blah blady blah blah…”, but a little more descriptions or something needs to be there to give your brain a break.

Characters: 9.5/10

The lacking .5 point is simply because there are so many amazing people and you only get to know, like, eight of them. There are so many stories waiting to be told by this awesome new author. Again, like real life, it seems that you are at a party and only have time to meet eight people while you’re there. One of them is a total jerk, but the others are cool. You see some really neat people around the edges, say hey, but leave before you can say anything else to them.

But those eight are so well written and consistent to who they are, that they bring 9.5 points to the table all on their own.


Hey Rose: WRITE MORE BOOKS!! I loved this world, and wish that I could learn more about it and the people that live in it. Its a bit like a pilot episode: it’s awesome, and leaves you wanting more. But unlike a Pilot Episode, this is one that even 8-10 year olds can enjoy.


God Bless!

Jacob Snow  

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Legends of Albadyn Batrep: Excursion Epic Fail (6/16/2017)


Leonidas Kingbreaker (Vahalyr Knight)

Aviria Skydaughter (Human Blessed)

Alric (Vahalyr Archer)

Lucy (Human Fighter)

Monster Faction: The Ash Cult

Mode: Excursion

Event Coordinator: Katherine

The first room landed me against three Grem, two Ashen Legionnaires, and one… what was it? Well, phooey. Can’t recall.

Anyhow, my first priority was neutralizing the Grem: petulant little creatures can get an Adventurer Vanquished in one round flat, and all by landing a single hit. I removed all of them, and was left with two Ashen Legionnaires, and a third whatever-it-was. (I hate forgetting a monster: that’s why I usually do these things right after I play the round: my Short Term Memory is too cluttered)

The Ashen Legionnaires teamed up on Aviria. This was before the nerfing of the Blessed Class, so she was overpowered. Despite this, she still ate four damage. One of the Ashen Legionnaires used his ability beyond the point of no return, neutralizing the threat he presented. The other had been blasted by Aviria’s Ability Removal Ability, but still hit her with two out of three of his attacks. Leonidas brought him down, and that concluded Room 1.

Room 2 was ugly. Very ugly. Went in with four Adventurers, lost three of them. Katherine rolled out two Conjurers and two Cultists and a single Grem. While none of these monsters are much on their own, Katherine used her wits and superior tactics to my own to use the Grem on Lucy, Leonidas, and Aviria. Aviria, who only had 2 HP, got wasted by a Conjurer’s staff, and Lucy got nommed by a Grem. Grrrr. Leonidas brought the Conjurers down with ranged support from Alric, but alas, he was Gremmed and got blasted by the Cultists.

Alric smoked the remaining Cultist that had brought Leonidas down, but he was one Archer, and there was nooo way he could beat the next room boss. Katherine was nice though (or so it seemed), and let me grab some extra characters and pick up at Room 3.

As per the Rules, the third Room in a Skirmish sets you against a boss, three 1 HP minions of the appropriate faction, and tasks the player(s) with protecting a civilian from destruction.

Here, Katherine was savvy: Grem are 1 HP monsters, so instead of the Void Cult Initiates I was expecting, I was facing down the Void Acolyte and three Grem. In a room that was around eight squares in total… no, check that, 13 squares. A four square area at top (2-by-2), three square bridge, and a 3-by-2 room for the Adventurers. As the Acolyte mind controls, who else would she control but Aviria. It was a horrifically no win situation. Frustrating. As. Void. Still, I tried. I had a new Character instead of Lucy, Clarisse (Legendary Warrior.) Unfortunately, she lost her Ability to Aviria. However, if the dice landed right, I could bring the Void Acolyte down and save the civilian, living to fight another day. It all came down to Clarisse: she’s a 7/4, and the Void Acolyte is a 7/5. Piece of cake, right?

Wrong. Clarisse rolls a 2, he rolls a 6. Clarisse rolls a 1, he rolls a 5. Aviria pummels the civilian, who runs screaming into the night. I LOSE

Lesson Learned

Well, I learned that I hate the Ash Cult. No, really. I despise them. But that isn’t all. The Ash Cult debacle taught me that, yes, I’m a smart player, but that is not a passport to victory. I learned that the person to win will be the person that can out-think their adversary. By combining a trick I never thought of (Grem for the 1 HP assistants) and a tiny room, Katherine made a trap room I could beat, albeit with great difficulty, had Clarisse not freaked out about it being the Ash Cult.

Smart play brings in the wins, people. Never forget that.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow

Beta Notes

Update 3.2: New Mode and nerfing the Blessed

In the wake of the utter destruction of the Undying Horde, I still have more stuff to do. We beta’d the Blessed, and discovered that they were WAY OP (over powered, for those of you who don’t do the initials as much). My sister, Katherine played the Monsters, and hated being on the receiving end of a Character even more powerful than her beloved Warmage. So, the Blessed now have the same 2 HP limit the Warmage does, and loses one off their Range (reducing them to a R 6). They’re still stupid powerful, but not so much that they can’t be beaten.

Also inspired by tonight’s play session, a new mode comes: Duel Mode. 1v1 Adventurer PvP awesomeness. We discovered who would win in a fight between a Warmage and a (nerfed) Blessed: it was 1 win for each.

Hope this stuff all goes awesome for y’all, and enjoy Update 3.2! God Bless!

Jacob Snow