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New Items in Shop

Hello all! Jacob Snow here, letting you all know that there are new Mythic-grade weapons in the shop, one for each Class!

Here, I’ll give a brief descriptor of each Weapon.

1: The Omnivore Chaingun

Omnivore was designed by an evil Dwarf who wanted to make a magical firearm that would never run out of ammo. After fifteen years, Omnivore was complete. Weighing in the arena of 100 pounds, The Omnivore would spontaneously create its own ammunition by absorbing the minerals in the dirt and air around it. the Omnivore is huge, dangerous, and if it starts hitting, it never wants to stop…


2: Lightbringer

A Claymore that was used in the Great Battle of The First War, Lightbringer was used by Irini to strike down the Fallen Queen. Irini imbued it with so much holy energy, that when she struck the Fallen Queen, the Fallen Queen was temporarily struck blind. an ornate Claymore, Lightbringer always glows brightly enough to see by. Its handle is fashioned out of crystal that was enchanted never to break, and its weight is like that of a willow branch.


3: Ashbreaker

Ashbreaker is a dagger with a jagged blade and an impossibly thin tip. Ashbreaker was used by Alain Strongeye to pierce the leg of The General during the Four Day War. Ashbreaker disabled The General’s ability to use Magic, bringing him one step closer to his destruction.


4: Ashari’s Whip

Ashari was an unconventional Sorceress, who preferred fighting her foes face to face rather than blasting away at a distance. She journeyed to a mountaintop and waited for a storm, and when one arrived she reached up and grabbed a bolt of lightning. Fastening it to an enchanted handle, Ashari designed one of the most dreaded magical weapons in all of Albadyn.



God Bless!

Jacob Snow


How Far: Let’s talk tech!

Hello all! Jacob Snow here, bringing a classic question: just how far can technology go in a fantasy setting.

Well, we know that Sci-Fi usually has space travel and laser guns like Star Trek or Star Wars, and usually involves weird beings from other planets. However, take out space travel and pew-pew guns and you have a fantasy setting: weird beings from other lands instead of from other planets.

The problem then begins with how far we can take tech in our settings and still call them “fantasy”. Obviously, we can have muskets and cannons and stuff: while our world changed with their introduction, I keep Albadyn real and not moving out of the swords and sorcery phase by making firearms in Albadyn prohibitively expensive.

So, classical firearms are totally acceptable for a Fantasy setting, though it would be wise to not carry it too far for fear of landing yourself in a Steampunk world! While those are cool, and the idea of a steampunk elf is incredibly cool, that might not be the vibe you’re looking for.

So, can you carry weaponry one step forward, into the Wild West era of weapons. Winch-action rifles and revolvers galore, my friends. Albadyn teeters on the edge of this weaponry, with a firearm called The Gorgon having seven rotating barrels each holding a single shot. The Gorgon is reloaded with a seven-point spindle that inserts the Blast Cartridges down each barrel. My Rook, Archaemon, uses The Gorgon.

As Rex from Skullkickers proves, however, such weapons can be dangerously bad for balancing. Muskets and Flintlocks fire spherical shot, which if it doesn’t pierce tends to ineffectively bounce off. Revolvers and Winchesters use conical cartridges, and the pointy design make them really good at piercing through armor.

I counter this with two things in Albadyn. Firstly, ammo is stupid expensive for weapons like The Gorgon or The Drake, a rifle of similar effect. as Blast Cartridges are only makable by Dwarves with a certain brand of magic, this little tradesmen association can set its own price. Secondly, the weapons themselves are not only extremely expensive, but take a really long time to make. So, while it is a Fantasy form of Western weaponry, it does still exist to an extent in Albadyn.

Carrying one step further, we get to the modern age. With one notable exception that will be associated with a Boss and the Item Shop, I keep M16s and AKs where they belong: in the real world.

The reason being is that the Gorgon only has seven shots, and the Drake only has 3. A clip-fed weapon is capable of holding in surplus of 50 rounds with the right clip/magazine, depending on the weapon. While a single guy with seven bullets is tough to take down, a guy with a Fantasy version of the Tommy Gun could wipe out a small army with little to no trouble at all. So, I personally believe that, with this in mind, you can have firearms that are teetering just below the threshold of modern firearms, but it would be smart to keep it down there.

As touching on something special to my heart, however: I love sci-fi speeder bikes and Mechs. I built my own Action Figure scale Mech. It’s awesome. So, how can Mechs or speeders be included?

Well, for one thing I find it is incredibly useful to blame the Dwarves for such technology. Secondly, borrowing a bit from Fairy Tail, the vehicle is powered by magic, like the Magic Mobile from the first group of episodes. Not only does this make them feasible, but it also gives spellcasters and additional role.

Mechs, however, take around 200+ Dwarves to make, as well as the better part of five years. The materials cost in surplus of 1,000,000 Gold, and the enchantments required to make it operable require an additional two years to set properly. Don’t worry about Albadyn turning into Battletech any time soon, the Dwarves don’t seem to want to make too awful many of them.

One final part here is Robots. How far can we go with that? Well, in Albadyn we have Golems, which are usually made by the Dwarves for work or for guard duty. They aren’t the brightest bunch around, but they usually do their job pretty well.

Can you have an Android-esque Golem? Well, that would depend on two things: firstly, the amount of magic the enchanter had to give movement to the materials would have to be through the roof: most Golems don’t have fluid movement, they are really stiff and unarticulated, like a Star Wars action figure from the 70s, or from the Force Awakens (which is a rant for another day). An Android would have to be fluid and human-like in movement, so that’s that.

In Albadyn, sentience is given by the Great Creator to creatures that have the ability to choose. If a Golem made a choice, it would gain sentience, making it essentially and Android.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

God Bless!


(Copyright Jacob Snow, 2016)

Beta Notes, Discussion

The Ashen Dancer-Infernas Darkblade

The night air split with the sound of clanging metal, and a pain-filled shriek pierced the darkness. A man in the silvered armor of the Town Watch toppled backward, and passed from consciousness due to loss of blood. From the darkened doorway stepped a man all dressed in black, with a bright red mask covering his face. In one hand, a sword black as midnight, in the other, a sword with an edge two inches thick, nicked and chipped from countless battles.

Three guards surrounded him, warily hemming him in with their spears. The man looked each one in the eye, and spun in a devastating circle, knocking aside their spears with the blunt sword, and slashing through their armor with the black sword.

As more guards poured into the area, the man slammed one in the face with the blunt sword as he cut the legs of another with the black sword, and then he brought both blades to bear on his only remaining foe.

Surrounded by the carnage of his work, the man slid both swords into their sheaths, and then beckoned toward the doorway. A small group of Ash Cultists scurried out, each one clutching a small bag of purloined potion ingredients.

As they fled, the man looked up. Some twenty guards rushed down the street with their weapons ready for battle. A smile spread across his face, and he drew his swords again.

“Infernas Darkblade, you are under arrest for multiple counts of slaughter and for propitiating the Ashen Heresy. Surrender or be destroyed!” the guards had stopped so their leader could deliver his message, and Infernas spoke with a raspy voice that sounded like the crackling of a flame.

“Only a fool would give a man such as me a chance to surrender.”

Leaping forward, Infernas devastated five guardsmen with a broad sweep of his black sword, and crushed the helmet of one with his other sword. The captain of the guard swung his sword mightily, only to have it turned by the blunt blade. Unbalanced by Infernas’ unexpected counter, he watched in horror as the man twirled a dance of destruction through his men.

The dance ended, and the captain stood alone against Infernas.

“Run, little man.” Infernas said, and the captain of the guard complied.

Infernas turned and faded into the night like a ghost.


(Find Infernas’ stats in the Ash Cult post in the Bestiary. He’s a Boss for any battle that allows them, but don’t throw him at players who aren’t ready for the challenge of a lifetime.)

Beta Notes, Uncategorized

MOD: All or Nothing.

The All or Nothing mod allows you to shorten your combat experience. If you have 3 Actions but don’t feel like rolling 3+ times, you can throw all 3 of your Actions into a single Attack. This only works if you have 3 Actions.

If an Adventurer is surrounded by multiple Monsters with 3 Actions, eliminate the massive amount of rolling by throwing every Monster’s attacks into a single roll. Use the Highest Powered Monster Attack Bonus to determine if the deluge of blows lands.

Decide before the Game begins if you want to use this Mod or not.

Beta Notes

Class Update: The Rook

Was thinking about the Rook yesterday after a few more attempts with Archaemon against Hanzo Yakiba (Finally won, by the way). turns out the Rook needed to be re-tuned. Changed up the Legendary ability to maintain the freedom of use that is with the Normal Ability, and retuned the Rook’s Legendary Bonuses.

Good deal y’all!

God Bless!

Jacob Snow

Beta Notes

The Master Challenge Review

Hello all! You know, this morning I decided to test my mettle against Hanzo Yakiba. My first run went well: my Half-Elf knight, Illuviel Stormdragon, has ascended to Legendary like Clarisse Foecleaver before her.

Skrii the Goblin (unfortunate soul) failed abysmally, hitting once out of six attacks he made. Hanzo kicked him in the noggin and he woke up in the temple with a shoeprint on his face.

Setsuka, my Amaresu Sorceress, tried her hardest, but only hit him once with her six attacks as well, and she woke up in the temple with a katana-induced migraine.

Archaemon, my Human Rook, got eight attacks! and never once hit. Either he spent too much time in the taphouse last night, or it really wasn’t his day. He woke up in the temple with a terrible stomachache and the shape of four knuckled imprinted on his cheek.

So, how hard is the Master Challenge? Very. I have defeated him three times out of… thirteen attempts. Thirteen tries, ten failures. Five Quest Points is a big reward, but I can only get my britches handed to me so many times before I get fed up.

So, in about 486 attempts, I’ll be mad. 😛

In all seriousness, however, given the arena size and the sheer offensive force of Mr. Yakiba, I am beginning to think that it is virtually impossible to beat him if you don’t bring a high-defense character. Archaemon has tried four times to get to Legendary, and just can’t do it. Either he needs to T-total for a week so he isn’t in bad shape going into the challenge, or he is incapable of beating it.

(Sorry for the taphouse humor, but Archaemon does have a habit of frequenting said establishment a bit too often in the course of a day.)

I’ll keep you all posted if I ever beat Yakiba with Archaemon, but until then, have a great time.

Cheers, and God bless!

Jacob Snow