PATCH NOTES: Update 2.3

New gear added for all Classes in the Item Shop.

Upcoming updates are a few new classes as well as a new section for Dedicated Raids.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


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The Beauty of Custom Action Figures


Hello all! Jacob Snow here talking about something near, dear, and near to my heart and my blog. Custom Action Figures.

It started simple, way back in 2011: I fell in love with a character, and not a single one of my action figures looked like her. With a small paint brush, a jug of 50 cent acrylic paint (Apple Barrel Brand, found at Wal-Mart), I painted her hair black, and my dear older sister added the symbol beneath the eye, something I was too scared to do: what if I miss!?

My mom, the avid painter, added the lipstick, and the action figure you see in the picture above began to take shape. She was still on her original body and in a sci-fi setting, but she looked awesome.

Fast forward a few years: I took her head off and put it on another body. Sounds disturbing, I know, but I wondered how she would look on Tauriel’s outfit from the Hobbit. I popped her head off, and put it on Tauriel’s outfit, and it looked… AWESOME! I have no pictures of how she looked, but I do indeed have a picture of how she used to look before her newest black-and-red outfit came to be:


Adding the blue hair and lipstick was a temporary fit of madness, and the lightsaber was utterly anachronistic with the world she was in, but at that moment in time, I could not have been happier.

Customizing Action Figures is a unique (and inexpensive) way to make someone uniquely yours. Aja Whiteshield is no one else’s Action Figure: she’s mine. Nowhere in the world will there be an action figure just like Aja: her unique imperfections will forever be impossible to replicate. She is not Hasbros, she is not Mattel’s, she is mine.  Not that I am denying where her component parts came from, but the end product is mine.

I have found out many things since those timid first steps back in 2011: Isopropyl Alcohol is your friend, capable of making any painting errors reversible. Do not put glue on top of the paint to make it clear-coated: the glue peels the paint off. Have a steady hand and never be afraid to experiment.

Aja is one of many customs I have, and their appearances are changing constantly. I have made Dark Elves, crazy looking pirate knights, and I have also made weird looking THE CORPS ladies look A) Human and B) epic.

DSC00191You can pick up an action figure roughly like this one at Wal-Mart for 4 dollars, which for my money is one of the best investments ever. She looks epic, and you can modify her to look however you like.

I hope this post inspires you to take up a paint brush, and it simply serves as a showcase of what I have done over the past few years. It has been worth every last *OMYGOSHISTAINEDHERFACEGREEN!!!!* moment in my career.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


New Quest!

This Quest is awesome, because it is all about the EC and the Players. I’m writing up a framework, and the Event Coordinator (EC) fleshes it out as much or as little as he or she likes. It also introduces an opportunity for someone to accumulate some Shadow Quest Points: the more you get, the meaner Shadow Quests you can take. It also has some great Gold gain opportunities for Bounty Hunters!

Find the Quest in the Quest Mode tab!

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


New Class: Pirate

Well, my promise to Kwazii went a little long, but the Pirate is finally here. (For that to make sense, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlgflN5F2Zc

The Pirate comes to Albadyn. While many different types of Pirates exist in Albadyn (including the Pirate profession in the Donyan Archipelago, where being a Pirate is not only a job, but one full of tact, class, and decorum: leave it to the Dark Elves…), this particular type of Pirate is native to the Mist Shrouded Waters just to the west of Gaela’s Lands, home of the Golden Elves.

Pirates are fast, use powderarms, and can bring down foes with blistering speed. Pirates are strong offensively, but lack somewhat in the arts of defense.

For Bounty purposes, Pirates count as Shadow Class. Click on the Character Creator button on the main menu (next to Click Here for Downloads) and scroll down to the bottom to find the Pirate.

God Bless, and may your Legend continue!

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