New Mode: Challenge Rooms

As I have played Legends of Albadyn a bit now, I have designed a couple of Rooms full of monsters for intrepid Adventurers to battle. There is a substantial reward to be had: you may choose between 1 Quest Point or 500 Gold. HOWEVER: Challenge Rooms are not for the faint of heart. Every Month, a Challenge Room will be uploaded into the Discussion Forum.

This week, it’s all about Bridges. Take two normal rooms, and cut off one row of squares from each. Place the one-square-wide pieces between the two slightly-shorter-than-normal rooms. In one Room the Adventurers start.

MONSTERS: X4 Highwaymen, X2 Crossbowmen, X1 Marauder.

Character Limit: 1 Adventurer, 1 Event Coordinator

Setup: Place the four Highwaymen on the bridge with one adjacent to the Adventurer room, and the next behind him, separated by two squares. Continue this, and at the farthest end of the bridge place the Marauder. Place one Crossbowman on either side of the bridge, and roll for Initiative!