What if… Ever After High came to Albadyn?

The first in what will hopefully be a series of Discussion Posts. Albadyn is Copyrighted by me, and Ever After High is copyrighted by Mattel. With that out of the way, what Class would your favorite Character be?

Mine, being Cerise Hood, would be a Warrior. This is due to a couple of factors:firstly, Cerise is faster and stronger than the other EAH students, secondly she has a hardcore side to her: she can beat a whole gaggle of Giants on the bookball field, and she can outrun a wild wolf. So yeah, Warrior for my favorite EAH Character, Cerise Hood.

But don’t just let me jabber on: go to the Character Creator on the Menu Bar, give it a click, and read out Classes, and enjoy figuring out what your favorite EAH Character would be like if he/she was a Character in Albadyn. And why stop there? Leave a comment on this page, and tell the world what you think a crossover between these two wonderful settings would be like.

Remember, you are a Legend that will never be again, and your Legend must continue.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


You are Legendary–In memory of David Russel Hahn

Somewhere in the world there is a person: that person feels alone, even in the middle of a crowd. Maybe it is because they are different, or maybe it is because they feel sad. Sometimes that person feels like they would feel better if they simply ended their journey early.

I am here to tell you one word: don’t.

You are a person who will never happen again. You are a person who is unlike any other person that has ever been, or ever will be. You are unique, extraordinary, and the best you you can be.

You are Legendary.

So when the darkness closes in and tells you there is no hope, remember these words. Maybe you mess up, maybe you make mistakes, but every Legend faces valleys to descend and mountains to climb before becoming an immortal part of history.

You are Legendary, and your legend must continue.

When you feel like no one loves you, remember that you are loved by God, even if no one else cares.

You are Legendary, and your legend must continue.

When you feel like the world hates you, remember that you are special to He who is bigger than the world.

You are Legendary, and your legend must continue.

When it feels like you have no one to support you, remember that the hands that hold the world, also hold you.

You are Legendary, and your legend must continue.

We will never forget those who have gone before us, nor will we forget those who have left the journey, going to the end before it was time. We will rise for you, and we will never forget how special you were to us. You are part of us that we will never forget. We will continue our journey even though we hurt. We will continue even though we are sad. We will rise in your stead, continuing your legend by entwining it within our own.

We will remember your Legend.

We will also remember you, David Russel Hahn, as we step forward on our journeys without you beside us.

Farewell, and know that your legend will never be forgotten.


Legends of the East

Just gone live: Legends of the East. The eastern peoples of Albadyn are called the Amaresu: a Race that is not kindly dispositioned like many other Albadynian Races: aside from a healthy belief in the caste system, the Amaresu also wrestle with moral ambiguity: for them the world is best seen in a shade of grey, where no absolutes exist.

This makes the Amaresu an interesting Race to play.

Also going live are the Samurai and Ninja Classes, and all three can be found in the Character Creation tab!

Also, happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! I am so very Happy! Happy Birthday to me! God has blessed me with 21 years of life, and I could not be happier!


February Outlook

Hello Everyone, my name is Jacob Snow, and this is the outlook of content for February.

February 7th: Legends of the East Pack

February 12th: Quest 4

February 20th: New Monster Faction

There might be more content that I simply have not thought of at this time.

Now, Staff Notes.

February 7th is my Birthday! Looking forward to it immensely, as I will be turning 21 this year. Hope that my 21st is as good as my 20th was, and hope that it brings a year of fun and new content for me and Legends of Albadyn.

Cheers, and God Bless!

Jacob Snow