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New Race: The Orc

Ferocity. Pride. Power. All three are words that properly describe the Orcs of Ghar, the land above the Dwarven homeland of Rhasys.

Orcs have a less than positive history: ever since their Creation, their Arken guide, Baramon, taught them the bare essentials of life: how to find food, how to tame animals, and above all, how to fight. Baramon and the Orcs were the best prepared for the First War.

Since then, the Orcs have been highly involved in every war to come to Albadyn. Orcs are the second strongest race in Albadyn, capable of enduring immense amounts of punishment while dealing it out in equal measure.

Orcs have skin that ranges from light brown to dark umber, oranges yellows browns and the occasional greens. Contrary to popular depictions in Albadinian art, Orcs do not, as a matter of fact, have tusks. Most orcs have slightly pointed teeth, but not massive boar-esque tusks that almost every picture gives them.

Orc men are big and muscular, and Orc women are big and muscular as well. However, it is important to note that, while Orc women are big and muscular, they are still very feminine.

Orcs do not very often leave Ghar, due largely to the fact that, aside from the Vahalyr and Gigantes, no one really likes them. Their (not entirely undeserved) reputation for being violent makes them have a difficult time cultivating friendships with other races, especially ones that have fought them in the past.

Orc HP: 8

(Authors Note: If you have no idea what Orcs look like, think Dwayne Johnson for male orcs and She-Hulk for Female Orcs. She Hulk is the IP of Marvel Comics)

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New Quest Pack!!


Hello all! Three incredibly difficult Quests roll out this week, and you will need all of your Adventurer cunning to make it through successfully. The Rewards System for the Quests has been redesigned, and we will be beginning our new Story Ladder on the 16th of December, so be sure to check that out!

Hope you really enjoy these Quests!

God Bless, and may Your Journey Continue!

Jacob Snow

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NEW CLASS: Witch (Female Characters Only)

The wilds of Albadyn. The Swamps and Fens. The Deep Heart of the Forests of Gaela’s Lands in the west. Dwelling within these places are magically talented women of many races, appearances, and alignments. Guarding the wilds of Albadyn has ever been a task of the Witches, but of late their scope has expanded.

Ten years ago, fifteen years after the Four Day War, many small villages received a new inhabitant in the form of a woman with naught to her name but her raiment and the pack on her back. Witches had come, to protect the towns of Albadyn from The Undying, perversions of nature that Witches hate above all others.

Witches and nature are like two sides of the same coin: Witches and nature both are wise, powerful, and unpredictable. Witches Magic primarily concerns giving nature a boost in doing something: whether it be making water soak a foe or making vines entangle them…

Witches do not usually wear armor, using instead concentrated bursts of wind to defend themselves.  Witches usually wear a dress or a robe, or something with a cape and hood. Witches have some of the best defenses of any magic user, but they do not use magic to harm: vines may entangle but they will not kill. Witches almost universally use Staves or Scythes to fight with, and they will never uses axes or weapons of Iron.

Normal Witch: +6A/6D, One Foe may not move for 1 Round. Range 5. Usable Once per Battle.

Legendary Witch: +6A/6D, One Foe may not move for 2 Rounds. Range 6. Usable Three Times per Battle.

Mythic Witch: +6A/6D, All Foes lose their ability to move for 2 Rounds. Usable Twice per Battle.






Hailing from the tropical isles of the Donyan Archipelago, the Dark Elves have had a close alliance with Humans in Inyan and Doniavar since the First Great Council. Dark Elves do not suffer from the same physical limitations as their Golden Elf counterparts. While they are not as frail as their Golden Elf relatives, they have a much greater disdain for physical combat.

Finding a Dark Elf willing to engage in physical combat with a foe is difficult: not impossible, but still difficult. Dark Elves excel as archers, sorcerers/sorceresses, and Priests.

While the Donyan Dark Elves are sophisticated and elegant (which often rubs off on any Human they encounter), their counterparts from the Island of Krishara are much less couth. Political differences between Dark Elves just after the First Great Council led to them splitting, roughly one half went to the southeast, leaving the desert island of Krishara to their less civilized relatives.

The Donyan Dark Elves value civilization, manners, and culture. Krisharan Dark Elves value money, power, and more money. The difference is apparent between the two: there is nothing a Krisharan Dark Elf will not do for enough money.

Dark Elf Hit Points: 5



Class Restructures



Hello everyone! Jacob Snow here, bringing forth some changes to the Classes currently in Legends of Albadyn! Upon Beta testing, some problems surfaced with one of the classes, and a cool little wrinkle came up for another one.


The Knight: A Total Remodel

The Knight is on unstable ground now. During out Alpha testing the ability made sense, but since we entered the Beta phase, the Knight has revealed their true colors as a confusing to play Class. So, we have decided to redesign the Class from the ground up, with a focus on durability. The Knight can absorb damage like no other Class can, not even the Fighter.

Normal Knight: +7A/6D. Ignore All Damage for 1 Round. Usable Freely Once per Battle.

Legendary Knight: +7A/7D. Ignore All Damage for 2 Rounds. Usable Freely Once per Battle.

Mythic Knight: +7A/7D. Ignore All Damage for 3 Rounds. Usable Freely Once per Battle.


 The Crusader: Standing in the need of Prayer

The Crusader is a great damage dealer with bonuses just shy those brought by the Knight. However, they lacked anything to really make them pop. So, we’re going to try something new.

In the lore of Legends of Albadyn, the Crusader receives their power for use on evil Monsters by praying.

Normal Crusader: Deal 2 Damage to a Foe. Usable Once per Battle.

Legendary Crusader: Deal 2 Damage to a Foe. One Use. Use 3 Actions to gain an Additional use of this Ability.

Mythic Crusader: Deal 2 Damage to a Foe. Two Uses. Use 1 Action to gain an Additional use of this Ability.


To explain the mechanics of this: at Legendary, you skip your Turn to gain +1 Ability use. At Mythic, use one Action to gain an Ability use. Using this Ability costs an Action, as does recharging it. As stated in the Core Rulebook, unless an Ability says Free or Freely somewhere, it costs an Action.

Important to note: some Abilities, like the Warrior’s 2 Damage per Hit ability, does not cost an Action. Use common sense and most of the Abilities will be easy to use.

God Bless!

Jacob Snow


Copyright Jacob Snow 2016