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The Warmage–NEW CLASS

In Albadyn, there are two types of spellcasters: spellcasters, and Warmages.

Warmages are incapable of casting small spells: everything they cast is cast to its utmost extent. A fireball turns into an incinerating cascade of meteors. An icicle freezes the air around the target solid, ending it promptly.

Warmages are fabulous at eliminating foes from far away with insanely high bonuses, eliminating multiple foes with one shot.

HOWEVER you must be warned: Warmages are not suited for pressure of any kind: they will fall if they are not as far away as possible.

SPECIAL: Warmages automatically have 2 HP, regardless of Race.

Normal Warmage: +8/3, Range 7, If you Hit a Foe, deal 1 Damage to every Character Adjacent to them.

Legendary Warmage: +9/3, Range 8, If you Hit a Foe, deal 2 Damage to every Character Adjacent to them.

Mythic Warmage: +10/3, Range 9, If you Hit a Foe, deal 3 Damage to every Character Adjacent to them.


Copyright Jacob Snow 2016


New Mode: Quest Mode

Hello all! Legends of Albadyn has been out since August 28th now, and we have gotten some really good data! First off, some news.

1: Our Youtube Channel, Legends of Albadyn, has toy reviews, gameplay videos, and stories, all for your viewing pleasure! Safe fun for kids of all ages!

2: There have been some formatting adjustments to the Rule Book, which I will give a download link to.

3: A New mode has been developed!

What is Quest Mode? Well, Quest Mode takes Legends of Albadyn’s standard gameplay, adds a story, and adds a Class Reward system. If you complete a Quest with a certain amount of Adventurers (Decided before you begin: if you start with 4 and finish with 1 you still get the reward for 4 Adventurers), you will go up in rank. You do not have to complete these at one time, but in sequence would be best.

And while Quest mode is fun, it also functions to flesh out the lore and locations of Legends of Albadyn!

Now, the Downloads:

quest-pack-1 Contains the first  Quest Ladder! Download this into your word processor and try it out on your players!

legends-of-albadyn-core-set Is the same document as before, but has some fixed formatting.

I hope this stuff makes your gameplay fun and more involved!

God Bless, and may your Journey Continue!

Jacob Snow