To be brief, Alchemists are potion, poison, and brew masters. Alchemists have been in the taphouses and inns of Albadyn since the long forgotten past, and now they are coming to battle.

Alchemists are short-range damge dealers that are highly skilled in removal but do not typically last long under sustained pressure. When playing an Alchemist, make sure you do not run yourself out of room…

Normal Alchemist: +6/4, Range 3, Hit Foes lose 1 HP at the end of their next turn.

Legendary Alchemist: +6/4, Range 3, Hit Foes lose1 HP at the start of their next turn.

Mythic Alchemist: +7/4, Range 5, Hit Foes lose 2 HP on the start of their next Turn.

Copyright Jacob Snow 2016

Character Creator

A Hero Arises (New Class: Knight)

The moon rose above the Inyani plain, and mist covered the land. Shimmering in the silver light was the glistening armor of the Knights. As they rode their horses across the Plain, their leader, a stern looking woman with a large mace looked out with sharp eyes that did not miss the rustling of the grass across from her and her band.

She pulled her mace down and leaped from her horse, which remained obediently where she had left it. Her companions dismounted, and she lowered the visor of her heavy helm.

“They’re here.” She whispered grimly, and her companions drew their armaments as well.

Before them arose several dark shapes, vaguely human in form but devoid of detail. Glowing red orbs hovered on their heads, and the woman could tell that they were filled with hatred for all things living.

The monsters surged forward with supernatural speed, and one of her allies took two blows to the midsection. She deflected two of the strikes, and smote the creature with all of her fury.

As one of her allies found himself becoming encircled, she grabbed him and thrust him behind her, becoming a living barrier between him and his attackers. With several furious strikes, the undead beasts were destroyed, and the night raid was accomplished. Looking to the dark shape in front of them, the woman removed her helmet and smiled with a victorious gleam in her eye.

“Hodvan, ride back to town. Tell them we found it.”



Knights have a grand tradition in Albadyn: those who dedicate their lives to honor, combat, and service to others become Knights of their land, commanding respect from the righteous and fear from the wicked.

Knights in Albadyn are indisputably powerful, training in use of big weapons while wearing heavy armor, Knights are forces to be reckoned with, regardless of their foe.

Normal Knight: +7A/6D, May take Damage for Allies that are ADJ Behind you.

Legendary Knight: +7A/6D, May take Attacks for Allies that are ADJ Behind you.

Mythic Knight: +7A/7D, Allies that are ADJ Behind you cannot be Damaged or the target of Abilities.


(Hope you enjoy this new Class!)

Copyright Jacob Snow 2016


Getting Good, Now

Hello again everyone! It is a murky afternoon where I live, lots of clouds shadowing the horizon. But even though it is a little bit dreary, life is awesome.

Our YouTube channel, Legends of Albadyn, has our first Tutorial Video posted, so feel free to check that out. Important to note: everything you see in that video, the Action Figures and the boards, are all bells and whistles.

The main stuff, I am attaching to this post so you can download it into your word processor and print it out. This is for a couple of reasons.

1: Just using torn out pieces of paper for playing pieces can get terribly tedious and is irregularly shaped, making gameplay a little bit more difficult.

2: Making the board can be a tiny bit annoying. I speak the truth!

Adventurersnmore (This is the token document. Open it and print a few out. Write on each piece who it represents, cut them out, and you are good to go!)

Board (Print a few of these out and you are officially ready to play!)

For a more durable product, glue this stuff to cardboard to make it able to resist a ceiling fan or a sudden cleanup.

Also I updated the Priest Class: they now have Range 5, making them true support characters.

Now, I want to get back to working on polishing up the next set for you guys, so look out for future posts! You never know what’ll come across the board.

May your Journey Continue!

Jacob Snow